Psychics, Automatic Writing, Pre-Cogs and Post-Cognates, Rose Red has it all!


I saw a rerun a few hours ago of Rose Red by Stephen King. I read the book a long time ago, and saw the movie like 10 years ago. It was so awesome and it reminds me of thanksgiving time at my mom’s house (LOL). The movie is based upon a real haunted house called the Thornewood Castle and it is kind of close to Seattle (where the movie is based)…it’s in Washington state…in a charming town called Lakewood. Although it was the actual place the movie was shot…and considered a legitimate haunted location, the book was kind of loosely based upon Winchester Mansion (not the same thing as the Thornewood Castle). I just really like the movie, because it’s about non-believers getting SHOWN! HARD! I’m talking, every single person who goes into that house gets totally owned and realizes that the paranormal exists.

Professor Joyce Reardon is right in the movie. Just because we cannot see or feel something does not mean it doesn’t exist. There is the world we can see and touch, and then there is a world underneath that world, that is thick like blood, and viscous and full of life…even though we cannot see it every day. Great movie, I strongly recommend it to anyone who liked the Craft.

If you are looking for movies like “the Craft” with Robin Tunney, try out Stephen King’s “Rose Red.” Although while it is a gem it is admittedly harder to find. Still worth the scavenger hunt!

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