Cast a Strong Fertility Spell so that you and your lover can have a baby!! 😀 To start, you will need 2 orange peels – the whole peels, but not the fruit part of the orange, you can throw the fruit part out. You need a purple candle and a white candle. You will also need a large bowl, some distilled water (has to be distilled, it’s cheap from any grocery store or walmart), a carnation (the flower), and you need a photo of the mommy to be and the daddy to be.

Preparation: You put the photos into the bowl. You put the orange peels into the bowl.

Begin the Spell: You now light the white candle and say…

“With Wiccan Might I Give The Watchtowers This Offering of Fresh Orange Peel and I Ask That You Call Upon the Spirits of Fertility and Bless Us With This Child.”

Now it is time to light the purple candle and say…

“For With Fruits You Bear from Trees, I Ask You Bear A Child To Me!”

Now You place the Carnation into the bowl. And you then Fill the bowl with the distilled water, letting the ingredients float and slowly disintegrate in the bowl.

State the following little chant three times:

“With the Power of Wicca and the Spirits of Fertility, I Will It Into Existence.”

And then State the following one time: “So Mote it Be!!”

That is the end of the spell. It is going to take a while for the ingredients to dissipate into the bowl – you’ll know when it no longer looks like a flower or photos, that it is time to throw the contents out. The spell will continue to generate fertility energy for as long as the carnation still looks fresh. After it looks dithered, you can dispose of everything and recast the spell. It is suggested that you keep it recast until you get results. Soon you will be the proud mommy and daddy of a beautiful baby!


To try and pick the gender (sex) of the baby, you can include a clover for a boy, or ginger for a girl.

Happy casting !

~*Moonbeam Starchild*~

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