Can White Magick be Stronger than Black Magick?


I have a few friends who practice magick, and being that we all come from different backgrounds and have varying beliefs, we all practice diverse types of magick. The other day at a local gathering, a speaker was talking about black magick always being stronger, but explaining the consequences and repercussions that come from casting black magick spells. Afterwards, we were talking with him and he explained that white magick could in fact, never be stronger. Most of us practice white magick and believe that white magick very well could be stronger than black magick…and that caught us by surprise.

After hours of arguing, research and talking to a few more experienced practitioners…we found that this speaker (who shall remain nameless) was wrong…black magick is NOT always stronger than white magick. It actually comes down to the ingredients, the strength of the spell and the strength of the spell caster. There are other factors too. Let’s use an example. Pretend a voodoo caster casts a black magick binding spell, using 3 black candles, a photograph, and about 20 minutes of time. Now let’s imagine that a white magick spell caster cast a white magick spell three times on a full moon, using 25 white candles, 16 white magick herbs, a photograph, a personal affect, and 3 hours of repetitive love spell chanting. The white magick spell is likely going to contain far more energy than the black magick spell, and will likely be stronger and manifest easier.


Another good example that is somewhat common, is the white magick protection spell. The white magick protection spell is specifically INTENDED to prevent black magick, thus by definition is stronger than a black magick spell. There are several other situations that I could outline where white magick spells are easily able to conquer over black magick, however, there are truly more situations than any of us have time for…and the point is that white magick can be stronger than black magick and can be as strong as you want to make it. That isn’t to say that black magick herbs and ingredients may not be able to hold stronger energy, or provide for stronger spells, however, it is still relatively easy to boost the strength of white magick and far beyond what black magick is every capable of or worth.

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