I regularly use candles in my spells and use them in almost all of my love spells. In Wicca, they are a really big deal. So I would like to share a really basic candle love spell for you to cast at home to bring your ex lover or past lover back to you. You will need a picture of your lover, and a picture of you (separate). You will need to know their full name and date of birth. You need a black permanent marker and you need 2 red candles. You also need something to carve into the candle with. I use an Athame, but someone a little more amateur could use the back of a spoon or something like that. Finally, you need an envelope large enough to hold both photos after the ritual is complete.


Start by carving a heart into each of the candles, and placing your initials in one heart on one of the candles, and your lover’s initials in the other heart on the other candle. Light each of the candles while you say the words: “I light this candle to draw my love.” Next, write your name and date of birth on the frontside of your lover’s photograph in permanent marker, and write your lover’s name and date of birth on the frontside of your photograph in permanent marker. You will now need to meditate for 10-15 minutes, picturing a life where you are together. Imagine that you are seeing your lover return to you and that you are happy together. After sufficient meditation, pour the wax of both candles, at the same time, on your photo, and then press the face side of your lover’s photo onto the wax pool, effectively “gluing the two of your photos together with the wax.” Blow the candles out while you say “So Mote it Be!” Your simple candle spell for love is now complete. Place the photos (glued together with the drying wax) into the envelope and seal the envelope. Place the envelope under your mattress or by your bedside until the spell manifests…you can then dispose of the envelope (burn for best permanency). Good luck!

*~Moonbeam Starchild~*

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