How I First Found Wicca

When I was a really young girl my grandmother taught me my first spell. I did not realize that it was a spell and did not realize that I would be influencing my mother’s life in any way…but my Grandmother knew something. She understood that the blood of the witch ran through my veins and understood that with how sick my mother was…she needed the attention of magick constantly. And thus she knew that if she had me, her granddaughter, someone who was around my mother all the time…doing this spell for her, all the time, it would strengthen my mother fastest. So, she taught me how to use the power of daisies and dandelions to do this simple, but effective Wiccan healing spell.


You simply take the Dandelion and the daisies and you alternate them, rubbing them on the arm and neck and shoulders of the person who is sick. In this case, I rubbed them on my mom all the time. She said it felt good. I knew I was helping Grandmother but did not know how exactly. She had taught me a chant to go with it, that went like this…

“Oh Mother these flowers will get you well, as long as I am here I can tell”

I would sit for hours with her and rub her with the flowers and chant the same sentence over and over because I understand that I was helping my grandmother. But it was more than that. Even without knowing I was Wiccan, or what Wicca was or even what spell casting was, or that this was my first spell…I knew in my heart it was somehow helping my mother. And that was the most important thing to me of all. I wanted to show her I loved her, and show her I cared. I wanted to use the spell, even though I did not understand it was a spell, to take her pain away. I wanted to heal her. With that energy that I had, channeled with the right ingredients, my grandmother knew. And it worked. It really worked. My mother recovered. Even though the doctors told her she had a zero percent chance of living, she recovered. And it was a miraculous recovery, very quickly. I can tell the flowers help and the doctors even joked that maybe I was a little witch. But I do not think they knew, they were just really surprised. I found Wicca that day when they let my mom leave the hospital. My grandmother explained to me what it is, and what had happened. That is the day I became a witch, officially. I was six years old.


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How To Cleanse Your Home

Cleansing Your Home With Sage (Using A Smudge Stick)


Sage is well known and has been used for centuries, perhaps even thousands of years, in order to cleanse ritual space, a magic circle, personal aura, home or property. This practice of using Sage to cleanse the air in a certain area is known as “smudging.” It is possible to obtain a Sage smudge stick for sale online or at a local occult store…as it is as easy to make one yourself at home.

How To Make Your Own Sage Smudge Stick

Obviously Sage is required in order to make your own Sage smudge stick. However, Sage is pretty easy to find or even purchased locally from a garden center. It is best to use the entire Sage plant, including the flowers. You also need some twine or string of some kind. Harvest (collect) as much Sage and Sage flowers as necessary to make your own Sage wand (smudge stick) and tie them altogether forming a wand-shaped Sage apparatus. Allow them at least 1 week to dry out (3-4 weeks is better, but sometimes we can’t wait that long and a cleansing has to happen much faster). You can alternatively purchased dried sage online, however, it is much harder to tie into a smudge stick when it is already dried.

Performing A Home Cleanse Using Sage

In addition to meeting a Sage smudge stick, a match and ritual bowl, cauldron, or incense dish will be required. Before you begin, it is best to open all of the doors and windows in the house. This is because the negative energy will need a place to be expelled as it is dispelled; and it also helps with ventilation. In fact, it is also a great idea to turn on any ceiling fans, or oscillating fans that may be present to help further move the air within the home.

Carefully light the smudge stick. Holding the dish in one hand and Sage smudge stick in the other, proceed to walk around the entire house, kind of “waving” the Sage wand up and down as you work your way through each room. It is best to walk through each corner of the room, pausing for 2nd in each corner. Many people choose to also say a chant or a prayer of some kind (either one time in the beginning or at the end, or chanting the entire way to the cleanse).


Here is one great example of a cleanse chant (cleansing prayer)…

Before lighting the Sage say the words:

“With Sage I bless this home and property, dressing the walls, ceilings and floors with a cleanse that cannot be broken. I dispel any evil and ward off any negativity, only positivity shall exist upon this property and within these walls.”

After the Sage has been lit, chant this line in each room of the house:

“Burn strong and cleanse this home, this Sage is strong and no evil or negativity shall survive.”

After all rooms are complete, chant this final line before ending the ritual:

“With Sage I dress the air, painting the essence of cleansing and protection, now and forever.”

The ritual may be over, but the Sage is not yet done doing its job. Most people place the Sage in the dish and allow it to burn out completely in one of the centermost rooms in the house (not mandatory, only encouraged).

If a strong demon or entity is haunting a property, a more powerful cleansing or banishment spell may be required…however, this home cleansing spell is typically strong enough for any basic cleansing and can be used as a new home cleansing spell.


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Determining A Relationships Potential Via A Divine Forecast

Relationship Divination: Is It Meant To Be?


Finding new love can be a tremendously anxious process. Every date that you go on, will leave you wondering, “is he the one? Are we a good match? Do I feel like we are compatible?” Fear not! Whether you appear to get along or not, there is a spell called the Divine Relationship Forecast. This Divine forecast focuses on determining if that spark felt between you is the real deal or not. Rather than over analyzing a date, or a few coincidences or subtle signs, performing this relationship potential divination spell will provide a clear answer as to whether or not you are soulmates and will last forever.

Required Ingredients

  • 1 Amethyst, malachite or tiger eye stone is needed*
  • A small piece of paper or a note card (post it works okay)
  • A writing utensil
  • 1 White candle

*You can substitute the stone for a quartz crystal in desperate situations.

Spell Instructions

wiccan relationship magick

Although it is not required, this spell will be more accurate if a magic circle is cast ahead of time. After a circle is cast, light the white candle and chant the following words 3 times:

“With the connection we have made, I’d like to see the energy that has been laid. Is there a connection between us or will this move with the wind in a gust?”

Right both of your names and dates of birth on the piece of paper and fold it in half. Place the stone or crystal on top of the paper, place both hands on top of the crystal and close your eyes.

While meditating with your eyes closed and keeping your hands on the stone, carefully, clearly and slowly ask the universe if you are meant to be. Your intuition will provide the answer you need.

If you are having trouble receiving the Universe’s answer, try asking an array of questions instead of just one. It can help to rephrase the same question many different times. For example, you might ask “are we soulmates? Are we meant to be? Will we stay together forever? Will anyone ever come between us? Are we a good fit? Are our spirits compatible?”

After sufficient time has passed and your intuition has led you to an answer, you may open your eyes and chant the following words:

“Thank you universe for your time and for blessing this connection.”

Whether you respect the Universe’s decision or not, it is always proper to thank the universe for providing any sort of divination of any kind.

Although some people are able to generate an intuitive answer during these meditation sessions, it may take a little practice. If your intuition does not provide you with a divination of any kind in response to these questions on the spot, do not panic. Instead blow the candle out, still remember to thank the universe for its time, and place the folded paper on your altar or by your bed with the crystal (or stone) on top of it still until the universe delivers an answer. Please understand, the universe speaks in mysterious ways. Sometimes the answers may be more direct than other times, being conscious thoughts or coincidences in your life…however, other times it may come to you in your subconscious (such as in your dreams or via feelings). Do not let a lack of response discourage you, is even acceptable to repeat the ritual nightly until an answer is arrived.

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How to Get Your Lover Back With a Love Potion

Love Potions That Really Work


How to Brew a Love Potion That Works Fast

Love potions have been historically used for drawing soul mates, returning ex-lovers, and bringing new passions into the bedroom. Love potions are also capable of reigniting the spark, refueling the interest, and reinvigorating the connection between two people. Love potions are basically love spells cast in a liquid form (please note that most love potions are not consumed, but sprayed as a fragrance). Love potions, like love spells however, are not all created equal…some are stronger than others.

This is one of my grandmother’s most powerful love potion recipes…it works great for me, but admittedly is selective in who it will work on.


  • Palmarosa
  • Peppermint
  • Ylang-Ylang (Ylang II)
  • Rosewood
  • Witches Hazel
  • 1 ounce purified water
  • Seal-able container (mason jar works well)
  • 1 Red or White Cloth

How to Brew the Potion

Brewing the potion is simple and requires no heat, just love and attentiveness. It does require a full moon and also a few days of labor. So, without further ado…

Step A… Three days before a full moon, fill the mason jar half way with witches hazel.

Step B… Add 1 ounce of purified water to the mixture (this is mostly to help with the mixture process, it won’t ever blend to the witches hazel, it just creates viscosity within the mix to better mesh the energy of the ingredients together).

Step C… Add a smidgen (just a couple tiny drops) of each of the herb ingredients (Palmarosa, Peppermint, Ylang II and Rosewood) to the mixture.

Step D… Tightly seal the container. I tape it shut too, just to be safe.

Step E… Vigorously shake the formula and then store it under the red or white cloth on a window sill where it can get moonlight (yes, as the moon is waxing still).

Step F… Shake it for 2 minutes each day for each day leading up to, and including the full moon itself.

Step G… I usually shake it for a couple more days (not storing it on the window sill anymore, as you do not want it to experience the waning moon), this just helps the magickal properties of the herbs blend to the witches hazel better.

Step H… Wear the solution by dabbing the cloth into the solution and dabbing it gently on your wrist or neck (test a small spot first to ensure no allergies) when you are going to be around the desired target your affection has focused upon.

That’s it! My grandmother did a great job herself, and it always smelled so sweet…I always follow the recipe exact and mine smells just as sweet and attractive. Some of the herb ingredients can be expensive (Ylang-Ylang), however, the ingredient list is worth following if you are going to do it right!

Professionally Brewed Love Potions (Authentic Love Potions)


Now, if you are looking for an authentic love potion that a professional brews for you…the best love potion online is definitely Siren Myst 1 and 2 by Venitie Mysts. These guys brew some seriously strong fragrances. And please note, again, that most love spell potions are actually love perfumes. You spray the perfume on you to attract your love or improvement in your relationship (that’s the same way my grandmother’s love potion recipe works). Those love potions are serious. They may be a little on the expensive side, but that’s because they work…and if my recipe isn’t working for someone, I would rather pay Venitie once, and have the perfume for life (it only takes a small spray to get effects, you don’t have to use the whole bottle)…than paying for a bunch of ineffective potions.

Anyway, two thumbs up to the Venitie mysts people for making great potions!!


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Diagnosing a Weak Spiritual Connection in a Séance

Why Isn’t my Deceased Loved One or Spirit Responding and Communicating with me?


Too Many Non-Believers

If a séance circle is composed of too many disbelievers, the séance will likely be an effective. This is because negative energy by far over radiates compared to positive energy. This means that it would take to believers for every one nonbeliever in order for a séance to have a chance of being effective. A nonbeliever would be classified as someone who does not believe in life after death, ghosts, séances and general, or mediums. Sometimes it is as simple as removing the disbelievers from the room and communication with the deceased loved one or spirit will ensue.

Deceased or Loved One is Not Able to Respond

Sometimes there are reasons why a spirit or deceased loved one may not be able to respond which are out of the control of the spirit or the séance. The only remedy in this scenario would be to retry at a later time. Even still, some spirits and deceased loved ones will simply not be able to be reached, ever. This does not mean anything bad… And it also does not mean anything good. The wide range of reasons as to why a spirit or loved one will not respond is simply so big in this case it is impossible to determine through a séance or by trying to logically diagnose the séance. It may be possible to determine why the deceased loved one is not responding by way of psychic reading, however, sometimes even that does not work.

Séance Ritual Structure Not Strong Enough

In some instances a spirit is not able to respond because the ritual structure of the séance itself is not strong enough. If a ritual is not strong enough, the séance will be dead (no pun intended). Using a larger candle, more sage, more believing participants, a better personal affect belonging to the deceased target, or more experienced medium or séance leader may be necessary. Experimentation will be the only way to determine if improving or increasing the séance structure and/or ingredients will result in an effective communication with the spirit. For information on how to perform a séance properly, see this post.

Too Much Interference


There are all types of interference present in spiritual work (all throughout spell casting and witchcraft alike). Séances are a little different in that they involve actual interaction with an entity on the other side. That said, it is already hard enough trying to communicate with another spiritual plane of existence, but in modern times electronics and radio waves have made it even harder. One medium explained a situation by which communication with her deceased loved one was made weaker the more people who entered the room. Later, it was discovered that it wasn’t the addition of new people that made the connection worsen…instead it was the addition of more cell phones to the room. The bottom line here is that electronics and cell phones do not mix with spellcasting and seances. The only exception would be of course equipment used to record electronic voice phenomena (tape recorders, for example, to capture EVP) and similar video phenomena. Since most of this equipment operates on batteries and do not receive Wi-Fi or radio signals, they are mostly considered okay to use.

Loved One or Spirit Does Not WANT to Respond

There may be many reasons why a loved one or Spirit does not want to respond. If the spirit is choosing not to respond it could be because there is someone in the room which they have animosity or a grudge towards. There are many famous cases where a séance was conducted to try to determine who murdered a victim. Sometimes a medium suggests that the murderer could have been in the room…and just like in real life, how it can be hard for a victim to admit the perpetration in front of the perpetrator, these same emotions can bleed through to the spiritual realm too. Other times perhaps they are simply busy, as just because the spiritual realm does not operate based upon time does not mean spirits cannot be busy at the time we contact them in our world. There are obviously a plethora or of other reasons as to why a spirit may not wish to respond at the time a séance is conducted and usually that reason is never revealed or discovered.

Tip from a Medium: Remember, to know for sure why communication cannot be established, it may take multiple communication attempts (and this may mean multiple séances under different conditions and even with different participants).

After the Questions are Asked and the Spirit is Gone

The séance leader can now instruct the circle to open their eyes. The candle can be blown out and the incense can be extinguished. It is a good idea to conduct a small cleansing of the house with sage after a séance has been conducted. It is a good idea to burn a couple of protection candles that night as well. Some people like to repeat the protection phrases that were spoken when they lit the white candle and the sage. Other people decide to do full-blown protection and cleansing rituals after séance. No matter your preference some level of protection afterwards is always a good idea… Even something simple like a dream catcher can help eliminate any risk while your subconscious is at risk.

Final Words of Wisdom


Always be careful when going into a séance. Truly, it is very difficult to determine what type of communication will be established, if any, and whether or not it will have any evil intentions. Sometimes doing protection spells is not enough. Sometimes doing cleansing spells is not enough. And sometimes séances get very unlucky come across horrific daemons that latch onto souls causing uncontainable possession that will haunt a person for the rest of our lives. Although that may sound terribly scary, it is very rare… But still the risk remains true and no one should go into a séance as an amateur alone or under geared for the situation (both mentally and in ingredients). Be careful and always bring an expert or experienced medium with you! Never underestimate the spiritual plane and things that you do not know!

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How to Contact a Deceased Loved One

How to Contact the Dead, Someone Close to You


Almost all of us have lost someone and understand what it is like to wish to speak to them again. We’ve also seen movies and TV shows in popular Hollywood films which depict the ability to reach out to the dead…communicate with them and receive messages from the other side. A lot of people wonder, “Is it true? Can I contact a lost relative? Will they respond to me from beyond the grave?” The basic answer here is yes, absolutely! But the more complex answer involves a technique…as most of the time it requires some sort of precision conjuration type of equipment (a Ouija board is the most basic form of spiritual communication in modern times), or an expert medium. A medium is a person with special spiritual ability to reach out and contact someone who has passed away. Typically the medium will allow their body to become a channel for the deceased loved one to speak. These types of rituals (that is contacting the dead and asking for a response) are usually referred to as “séances.”

Séances have been played up heavily in Hollywood, but truthfully they should be… As they are very played up in real life as well. A real séance requires power, the type of power that comes in numbers. For this reason, it is very common to find more than one person conducting a séance together… In fact, many times in involves a room full of people. Some of the people partaking in a séance may believe in some may not. A séance is far more powerful and more likely to be effective when it is performed at night, with more than one person, with someone in the room who has a direct connection to the person being contacted from beyond the grave, when the participants are believers in the séance and the life after death, and finally when the séance leader is experienced. It is not a requirement that the séance leader or any participant be a medium, however, it is most certainly a plus and will make the experience more fluid for the spirit involved if a medium is present and willing to participate.

Are Séances Dangerous? Is Contacting The Dead Safe?

In general séances are automatically assumed to be dangerous and quite unsafe. This is without a doubt because of the fear of invoking an evil spirit by accident, letting a evil spirit into the circle by accident, or becoming possessed. All of these fears are reasonable and they are very possible liabilities. Contacting the dead is never 100% guaranteed to be safe. There is always some risk when reaching out to the other side. A practitioner or séance can take all of the proper precautions and still end up dealing with an evil spirit or unwanted energy. There is also no guarantee that the séance or attempt to contact the deceased loved one will be successful at any time. This is why séances often last hours and only result in a few moments of actual contact with the desired target.

How To Perform A Séance As Safely As Possible


Although there are many different ways to conduct a séance, some of the most common methods may seem more basic in nature, but the reason they are most commonly used is because of their effectiveness. In fact, it is thought that the more basic a séance ritual…the greater the focus and concentration on the actual communication with the deceased loved one – and thus the higher likelihood of communication being successful. This is a basic séance routine with the necessary protective precautions to reduce the likelihood of an evil spirit, negative energy or other possession resulting from the séance.


  • (1) Willing Participants (the more believers the better)
  • (1) White Candle
  • (1) Sage Incense
  • (1) Photograph or personal affect (belonging to or important to the deceased loved one)

How to Perform the Seance

To begin the séance, dim the lights and form a circle. Join hands and close your eyes. The séance leader (whoever you have chosen) will now need to ask for total silence and concentration. The séance leader should ask the circle to focus their thoughts on the deceased loved one. After a few moments have passed, séance leader will ask the circle to open their eyes.

While lighting the white candle one person shall speak “I light this candle in the name of _SPEAK THE NAME OF THE DECEASED_, come to us and join us in this friendly circle of ours. Come to us now.”

While lighting the sage incense, another person shall speak “I light this sage in the name of all that is good and to dispel the energies of any wandering evil that may be lurking in the shadows.”

The séance leader will now instruct the circle to close their eyes once again (everyone except for the leader, who must watch the candle). Everyone should once more join hands while everyone chants “Come to us _NAME OF DECEASED_, we invite you into our circle, a friendly place for you to be.” This may need to be repeated several times and it is up to the séance leader to detect a change in the flicker of the flame or the trail of incense smoke. After an anomaly is detected in the flame or in incense, the séance leader must ask if the deceased is present with the circle. This question may need to be repeated several times before and answer is noticeable, detected or obvious.

After contact has been established and it is certain that the correct spirit is in and with the circle, questions may be asked. Is important to only ask the spirit one question at a time…it is important not to overwhelm the spirit. Remember communication across the plains is not easy, it isn’t easy for us and it isn’t easy for the spirit either. Speak slowly, clearly and with intent. Only one person should speak at a time. It is customary to allow up to 30 seconds for the deceased loved one to respond.

Sometimes a spirit will be lost mid-communication, or somewhere throughout the séance ritual. If this happens the deceased loved one will simply stop responding and no more questions shall be answered. This is commonly misperceived “as having offended the spirit,” however, this is usually not the case. Sometimes the communication connection can simply be too weak. There are a lot of things that can create weak communications in séances and when contacting the dead. Let’s go over some of them.

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What is the Difference Between Black Magick and Voodoo

Differences Between Black Magick and Voodoo Magick


When you hear somebody reference black magick or read about it on a forum or anywhere online, people are usually talking about Wiccan-based black magick spells or potions. When you hear someone talking about voodoo they are probably talking about a practice of magick that originated in Africa (African voodoo), Haiti (Haitian voodoo), or New Orleans (New Orleans Louisiana voodoo). There is a really bad misperception when it comes to voodoo… A sort of “stigma” surrounding it, if you will. However, the truth is voodoo of any type has been grossly mis-categorized and misunderstood on a multitude of levels. In fact, most people who actively practice voodoo of any kind, originating from any location, are doing so with white and good intentions. The same cannot be said about a black magick spell, no matter whether it is Wiccan-based or not.

Black magick was first reported around the same time as the first white spells were being recorded in history. That makes a lot of sense because the study of white magick revolves around the use of good-natured intentions, and for every good-natured intention there is obviously an equally weighted evil-natured intention. Good has always existed in contrast to evil and evil has always existed in contrast to good. In other words, the true difference between black magick and voodoo magick is that they should not be compared at all… As it is much like trying to compare a tree to a mushroom… They are two totally different things.

Perhaps a better way of explaining it is to understand that black magick is a category of intention. With that said there are white intentions when it comes to casting spells and there are black intentions when it comes to casting spells. Black intentions use black magick in order to cast spells and potions which result in hexing, curses and evil-doing or negative bidding.

Voodoo on the other hand, no matter where it has originated from, is a classification of magick. Voodoo is considered a practice, a casting style, and even a religion. Thus, it should be understood that there are all types of spell casters within a certain practice. So when it comes to voodoo, there are most certainly white and good-natured voodoo queens and priestesses…as well as evil voodoo priests and casters. The same can be said about any other religion or practice when it comes to magick.

There are some things that you will find more often in one type of magick and another. Voodoo dolls are an example of a religious specific component and are usually only found in the practice of voodoo. Like voodoo, voodoo dolls share the same negative stigma; however the truth is voodoo dolls are not always evil in composition. Some voodoo dolls are used to draw wealth, luck in gambling, love, protection, and an array of other attractive energies. Admittedly though, there are voodoo dolls which are meant for evil purposes and dolls intended to curse and hex others. There are also voodoo dolls which are only intended to do physical harm to another human being. So these voodoo dolls which are meant to do harm to others would be considered the black magick of voodoo. A curse meant to bring bad luck to someone could be an example of a Wiccan black magick spell.

So just remember that not all voodoo is evil and that all religions and types of magick possess spells and casting rituals which are evil in nature.

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A Few Words About Love Spell Casting


Love spells and relationship oriented magick is probably the most common type of spell cast. All throughout time there have been accounts of love potions and love spells. All throughout history people have turned to witches and the occult for assistance in the relationship, or to bring their soulmate to them. To this very day people cast love spells, love potions, and love charms of all kinds. Magick has only evolved throughout time, and thus there are many more types of love spells now than ever. In fact, there is a spell for nearly any relationship problem or love spell dilemma. There are love spells that bring soulmates together. There are love spells that can reinvigorate boring or fading relationships. There are love spells that can save failing marriages. Some love spells will focus on removing a third party (banishment spells) and spells that will break up/divorce. However, one thing rings true no matter what love spell is being cast: it is impossible to affect free will without negative consequences and thus a love spell should only be cast if it is meant to be.

Love spells using positive energy cannot go wrong. If a love spell is cast with only positive intention, it will only work if there is a real connection between the two parties involved in love spell. If there is no genuine connection between the two people, the love spell will be futile and will never manifest. That said, as long as love spell is white magick and cast with only positive energy in the best of intentions, it will not backfire and will manifest where is possible to do so. Remember, even a successful and working relationship can still use a reinvigorating tuneup every once in a while. There is nothing wrong with casting a spell that strengthens a relationship or improves the passion two people share. There is also nothing wrong casting an engagement spell or a commitment/faith spell. Intention is measured in the heart and this will indicate whether it is morally advisable to continue with a love spell or not.

Cliff Notes

Love spells that affect, alter, manipulate, change, or otherwise impair free will, will backfire, lack effectiveness or simply not work. Cast love spells only with good intention using white Magick for maximum effectiveness and no backfire.

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How to Get Better at Lucid Dreaming

How to Induce Lucid Dreams and Figure Out You Are Dreaming


Lucid dreaming is the ability for the subconscious, dreaming mind, to become aware of the fact that it is within a dream, gaining consciousness within the dream. When the mind recognizes it is dreaming, lucidity is achieved and the dreamer can begin controlling certain aspects of the dream (the environment, the characters, and the situations). Believe it or not, most of the population does not know what it means to lucid dream, however, when they are provided the definition of a lucid dream, almost everyone has at least one memory of having experienced a lucid dream themselves. Lucid dreaming is much more common than people think. Since most people do not remember nearly any of their dreams (we certainly do not remember anywhere near all of them, as we dream constantly when sleeping), most people do not realize they attain lucidity all the time. In fact, there could be an entirely second “you,” ruling your dream world like a Queen or King! Becoming more in-tune with our spiritual side and practicing better control over our subconscious state, will create a better awareness, one capable of better manipulating one’s environment while in the dream state.

Training Techniques for Lucid Dreaming

Many people train using audible cues to help determine when an increase in conscious control is necessary. The idea is having a routine, rhythm-based background sound (such as a pendulum or the ticking of a clock), infused with an indicator noise (a light alarm, a periodic ding, loud thunder from a storm, and many others), creates a layer that traverses reality to dream work. In other words…the regular sound, like the ticking of a clock is heard all the time…and because the dreamer is preparing to lucid dream, and envisioning the dream world “on the way in,” they are anticipating the more profound, distinguishable sound that the indicator noise will make; thus when the indicator noise is heard, even after the dreamer begins to slip into a sleep, they are more likely to acknowledge it in the dreaming state.


The acknowledgement that one is dreaming within a dream is a truly enlightening situation. All of a sudden, complete comfort and relaxation overcomes the dreamer, as they will now be in complete control, at least until the subconscious loses track and slips back into a sleep. For that reason, after lucidity has been achieved, it is important to continue to be reminded through indicator noises (more than one alarm, spaced out 11-21 minutes apart typically do the trick).

Similar strategies are performed with the use of light and timers, rather than audible cues. Visual cues are interesting, because they typically shine through into the dream in a more uncontrollable environmental fashion. For instance, when the lights are getting brighter, it is quite difficult for the dreamer to create a night world, while, using alarms to induce lucidity is much less restrictive.

A candle is a very common audible cue, while also offering light anomalies that are natural and do not require times…however, it is dangerous to fall asleep with a candle lit, so someone always needs to be in the room or close by, awake and willing to keep check on the candle while you sleep. To use a candle, various coins (different sizes and weights are great) are pressed into the side of the candle, all throughout. The candle is then placed on a metallic pan, something that will make a chime-like noise when the coins fall out as it burns. The benefit of burning a lucid dream candle, is that it can also be anointed and dressed with lucid dream inducing herbs or essential oils (also known as Lucid Dream Aids).

Lucid Dream Aids

Of course there are always catalysts which can help induce faster lucid dreaming. Catalysts can make lucid dreaming a lot more effective, creating a more vivid, longer lasting dream. One of the most powerful lucid dream catalysts, Calea Zachatechi, is also known as the “Dream Herb” or the “Herb of God.” For starters, it will be easier to recall all dreams the following day, whether they were lucid or not. But Calea has some real skill in helping a dreamer fall into a more comfortable state of “conscious sub-consciousness,” where the mind is more likely to understand that it is dreaming.

Another super powerful herb for lucid dreaming, African Dream Herb is very commonly found in sleep-aids and herbal teas. The appropriately named herb, also known as Silene Capensis, also shares the nick name “Dream Herb,” just like Calea Zachatechi. Some more subtle lucid dream aids include the use of Ginkgo Biloba tea, Heimia Salicifolia, Wild Asparagus Root, Valerian Root, Mugwort, and Burdock.

Disclaimer: Be very careful when using an open flame or working with a candle.

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Finding Luck in a Single Four Leaf Clover

Casting a Four Leaf Clover Luck Spell


When I was a little girl, my mother taught me how to cast my 1st good luck spell. Technically, this is a spell that creates a good luck spell charm… It’s different because a charm is something you carry around with you afterwards, while a spell by itself is simply cast and left to manifest. While there is a lot of luck to be found in a normal 3 leaf clover, the truth is it is actually quite easy to find a 4 leaf clover if you simply put a few moments into the spell. Her method of casting a 4 leaf clover good luck charm is genius because it takes the time that is required to find the 4 leaf clover, and turns it into part of the spell itself.

By blessing a clover patch while you are looking for a 4 leaf clover, you will effectively cast the magic over all of the clovers. Since you are targeting only picking one single clover though, the 4 leaf Clover you will find in the patch, that one clover will be plucked with the extraction of all energy that has been produced in the 3 leaf clovers around it while you were casting a spell (and looking for the 4 leaf clover).

To cast this 4 leaf clover spell charm, you will need to find a patch of clovers on the ground somewhere. You will also need a small container which you can turn into a necklace afterwards (it only needs to be able to hold the single 4 leaf clover, so it can be something smaller, such as a locket, or even a pill or capsule container that you can wear around your neck. Some people choose to use twine, and parchment or some similar type of thicker paper (even Birch or burlap can work). If you choose to use the paper method, you will simply be rolling the clover up into the paper and securing it with the twine (also using the twine to create the necklace part of the charm). No matter which container method you choose, the point is to keep the 4 leaf clover on you at all times after picking it, as it will contain boatloads of luck!

After you have found your clover patch, you will need to sit in front of it and meditate for a few moments with your eyes closed. Imagine all of the clovers in front of you lighting up in a brilliant green light, emitting a beautiful, vibrant glow. After a few minutes have passed, open your eyes and begin your search for the 4 leaf Clover. While you are searching for the clover, chant the words in repetition “I find this clover, I bind this clover and I wind this clover into the luck that I need.”


Remember not to get discouraged! A 4 leaf clover typically exists in nearly any patch of clovers. In fact, there is usually at least one 4 leaf Clover in every three square feet of clovers. So if you do not find one right away, keep looking, as you’re bound to find one shortly!

After you have found the actual 4 leaf Clover, you will need to complete the binding ritual. As you pluck the 4 leaf Clover from the patch, chant the words “May this patch offer this clover in a bind of good luck.”

Place the clover into your container (or complete your rolling binding using the parchment and twine), and chant the words “May this clover that be, full of the luck I need, rest and reside with me, for as long as my need may be.”

One last thing to finish up, you’ll say “So mote it be” and then you can stand, and wear the good luck 4 leaf clover charm anywhere you go. The more you wear it, the stronger it’s binding to your aura and more powerful it will be able to impact your life. The spell can be made more powerful, by including more 4 leaf clovers within the container or roll. The ritual can be repeated as many times as necessary, until the desired amount of luck and potency has been infused into the charm.

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