How to Get Your Lover Back With a Love Potion

Love Potions That Really Work


How to Brew a Love Potion That Works Fast

Love potions have been historically used for drawing soul mates, returning ex-lovers, and bringing new passions into the bedroom. Love potions are also capable of reigniting the spark, refueling the interest, and reinvigorating the connection between two people. Love potions are basically love spells cast in a liquid form (please note that most love potions are not consumed, but sprayed as a fragrance). Love potions, like love spells however, are not all created equal…some are stronger than others.

This is one of my grandmother’s most powerful love potion recipes…it works great for me, but admittedly is selective in who it will work on.


  • Palmarosa
  • Peppermint
  • Ylang-Ylang (Ylang II)
  • Rosewood
  • Witches Hazel
  • 1 ounce purified water
  • Seal-able container (mason jar works well)
  • 1 Red or White Cloth

How to Brew the Potion

Brewing the potion is simple and requires no heat, just love and attentiveness. It does require a full moon and also a few days of labor. So, without further ado…

Step A… Three days before a full moon, fill the mason jar half way with witches hazel.

Step B… Add 1 ounce of purified water to the mixture (this is mostly to help with the mixture process, it won’t ever blend to the witches hazel, it just creates viscosity within the mix to better mesh the energy of the ingredients together).

Step C… Add a smidgen (just a couple tiny drops) of each of the herb ingredients (Palmarosa, Peppermint, Ylang II and Rosewood) to the mixture.

Step D… Tightly seal the container. I tape it shut too, just to be safe.

Step E… Vigorously shake the formula and then store it under the red or white cloth on a window sill where it can get moonlight (yes, as the moon is waxing still).

Step F… Shake it for 2 minutes each day for each day leading up to, and including the full moon itself.

Step G… I usually shake it for a couple more days (not storing it on the window sill anymore, as you do not want it to experience the waning moon), this just helps the magickal properties of the herbs blend to the witches hazel better.

Step H… Wear the solution by dabbing the cloth into the solution and dabbing it gently on your wrist or neck (test a small spot first to ensure no allergies) when you are going to be around the desired target your affection has focused upon.

That’s it! My grandmother did a great job herself, and it always smelled so sweet…I always follow the recipe exact and mine smells just as sweet and attractive. Some of the herb ingredients can be expensive (Ylang-Ylang), however, the ingredient list is worth following if you are going to do it right!

Professionally Brewed Love Potions (Authentic Love Potions)


Now, if you are looking for an authentic love potion that a professional brews for you…the best love potion online is definitely Siren Myst 1 and 2 by Venitie Mysts. These guys brew some seriously strong fragrances. And please note, again, that most love spell potions are actually love perfumes. You spray the perfume on you to attract your love or improvement in your relationship (that’s the same way my grandmother’s love potion recipe works). Those love potions are serious. They may be a little on the expensive side, but that’s because they work…and if my recipe isn’t working for someone, I would rather pay Venitie once, and have the perfume for life (it only takes a small spray to get effects, you don’t have to use the whole bottle)…than paying for a bunch of ineffective potions.

Anyway, two thumbs up to the Venitie mysts people for making great potions!!


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Tried a Real Wiccan Intelligence Potion for the First Time

My First Wiccan Wisdom Potion (well, Perfume)


There are a lot of interchangeable terms in Wicca, one of those terms being in the realm of Alchemy…that term being “Potion.” A Potion in Wicca can mean many things, but usually refers to some sort of liquid composition of a spell to be either consumed or worn on the body as a perfume or fragrance, or as an oil to burn or dress charms. My first wiccan potion that was meant to improve IQ and increase wisdom, and the flow of mental and psychic powers I got from┬áit was a little on the expensive side I found out, but It was a gift!! But it was well worth it, as it is a perfume you spray on you and I have only had to spray it a few times and I have already felt the energy rushing over me. It is called “White Owl myst” and it is excellent. Smells good too. A lot of the perfumes out there on the wiccan market can be a scam…but White owl myst is definitely the real deal and has power I am able to verifiably feel.


I take 2 college classes at a time all the time, all year long, and I noticed a difference right away in my attentiveness, my intuitiveness, and most importantly my grades. At home, I noticed a more connected, more aware and psychically ACTIVE state of consciousness. I even feel like my spells are stronger. I just spray it on my wrist and neck once before I cast my circle and it is an effect that I can FEEL and is noticeable. I am going to experiment with spraying it on my ritual ingredients for my next seance, as I heard it can also increase divination and seances as well. I don’t review products that much, but I guess it’s probably because I usually stick with the same stuff that works and do not venture out that frequently. Getting this as a gift makes it an exception, but honestly, I will probably repurchase it when I finish using this up, it is definitely worth it and gets two thumbs up from me!

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How to Brew a Powerful Love Potion


I thought it might be nice to share a family recipe for a love potion. This is sacred to our family and has Druid roots. If you are looking for a Wicca Love Potion, I know those too and you can message me or comment and I can help you out with a powerful Wicca Love Potion Recipe…however, this druid love potion is of medium strength and I do feel it will work for a lot of cases. It is also simple to do, which is great, and doesn’t require heat.

Since it doesn’t need heat, it makes an excellent love potion for almost any person to make. You start with a glass of water and you need a rose. I suggest cleaning the rose through some running water, carefully cleaning each petal with your fingers. You need a photograph of the person you want to target with the love potion (one you don’t mind ruining), and you need a pen or pencil. You also need a red candle. Then you sit in a comfortable place and light the candle. After you are relaxed, write your name and date of birth on the back of their picture. While the wax is building in the candle, place the picture on the ground or on the table in front of you and begin peeling rose petals, placing each one into the glass of water. With each rose petal that you peel, say the brief chant:

“I place this petal with love into this potion.”


After all petals are in the glass, dump the wax onto the front of the picture, and place the glass on top of the hot wax, so that it sticks to the bottomside of the glass. Then wait til the wax dries. Then you can say the chant:

“I drink this potion in the name of love.”

Consume the potion. Take your time.

Say the words “So Mote It Be” and then blow out the candle. The spell has been cast. You can dispose of the picture and any remaining ingredients.

*~Moonbeam Starchild~*

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Making Potions Stronger With a Full Moon


I used the last full moon to strengthen a money potion I had brewed, placing it under the moonlight and doing a brief chant. My mom gave me the chant and it works really well. The chant goes like this…

“In the middle of the moon there is a powerful strength.”

“May this full moon charge this potion at great length.”

“Give us energy from the light you provide, O’ Moon,”

“Give us great strength and power, please and soon!”

“I charge this potion with the power of this Moon,”

“And I command this spell to work in full bloom!”

The spell is simple, and has a modern-Irish root (she is part Irish so that makes sense). That mentioned, this little chant works for any potion, any potion at all. It also works for perfume spells and lotion spells. Placing a spell perfume in the moonlight and saying this chant will work just like a normal potion. The power of a full moon in spell casting should never be underestimated.

*~Moonbeam Starchild~*

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Lost a Job Because I’m Wiccan


My employer found out the other day that I am a Wiccan and because of that, I basically got fired. I know this is discrimination and I am truly infuriated about it, however, I have been trying to put all this energy and time into looking for another job. The truth is, I don’t have the resources to press charges, and I wouldn’t really want to spend what little time I have on Earth in court battling over some hater. I would rather just put my time into bettering myself, and finding employment that embraces my uniqueness, or even applauds it. I know that there are places like that out there. I don’t want any problems, so I’m not going to name the place that fired me, but let’s just say it’s a well-known Christian-supporting establishment. I didn’t think it was a big deal, but apparently, they do. That manager is not going to make it very far in life firing people because they are Wiccans. That’s such a waste of time. Now she has to rehire someone. That’s a pain. I was a great employee, I showed up on time, I completed my shifts in full, never missing a beat or calling out. I cleaned everything and always found something to do. I was so cheerful! For goodness sake, I said “Thank you for the opportunity” when I was fired!

Anyway, this led me to my latest venture tonight, making my own money and wealth / career oriented potion. I want basically a really powerful success potion. So I did some scrubbing through my spell books, pulled out my great, great grandmother’s old spellbook and found what I can only describe as a totally ancient career spell! It was cited in her book as being first used in our family to get a job as a “daguerreotypist” …which was basically early photography. It seems the position was heavily vied for in the 1800s….and it worked! She got her husband a job as one of the country’s first daguerreotypists! Anyway, it uses a few ingredients I had to order custom, and it tasted absolutely pungent, but I am hoping to see my dream job fall into my lap here within the upcoming weeks. If necessary, I guess I will brew another batch, and maybe even another after that. I am dedicated, and when I am hired, I am a dedicated employee. I know the cosmos will see me…and I know everything happens for a reason…so…let the will of the Universe unfold as it will…and let my success potion materialize as quickly as spiritually possible!


After all, while we all may have fates and destinies, and great things we are destined to do if our optimum life trajectory turns out correctly, we still have control over our futures and the ability to better ourselves. We still have the ability to CHOOSE to better the future and to SEIZE CONTROL and MAXIMIZE our self-worth!


Blessed Be and to all a great night!

*~Moonbeam Starchild~*

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