Hopeless Dreams of Daytime Living


I walk the shadows of the world alone. There is no one at night but me. I walk around the streets beside myself and can’t seem to see any other way to be. I hate the day, I hate the sun, I hate the man at the grocery mart. I hate the lady at the bank. I like the guy that works at 7 eleven at night, and I don’t mind the wawa sandwich maker either. I don’t mind the ATM that I frequent at night, and I don’t mind the glorious moonlight that guides my path. Tonight I think I’ll cast a magic spell for luck, so that tomorrow I might stand a better chance.

~*Moonbeam Starchilid*~

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A Poem Introducing My Sleepy Existence

Welcome World!

Welcome to my slumber world, where I am already asleep!

You came around to play around and tumbled at my feet!

I sang a song and you sang a long and before you know it we were friends…

I cried a bit and you said you were guilty and wanted to make amends…

However, the town has met and the bell has rung and the sky is already dark…

My famous face and battered tone may be gone but not without a mark.

So sing a long a little more and try to keep up with me…

For this song is not long and the time has washed up at sea.

*~Moonbeam Starchild~*

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