How to Brew a Powerful Love Potion


I thought it might be nice to share a family recipe for a love potion. This is sacred to our family and has Druid roots. If you are looking for a Wicca Love Potion, I know those too and you can message me or comment and I can help you out with a powerful Wicca Love Potion Recipe…however, this druid love potion is of medium strength and I do feel it will work for a lot of cases. It is also simple to do, which is great, and doesn’t require heat.

Since it doesn’t need heat, it makes an excellent love potion for almost any person to make. You start with a glass of water and you need a rose. I suggest cleaning the rose through some running water, carefully cleaning each petal with your fingers. You need a photograph of the person you want to target with the love potion (one you don’t mind ruining), and you need a pen or pencil. You also need a red candle. Then you sit in a comfortable place and light the candle. After you are relaxed, write your name and date of birth on the back of their picture. While the wax is building in the candle, place the picture on the ground or on the table in front of you and begin peeling rose petals, placing each one into the glass of water. With each rose petal that you peel, say the brief chant:

“I place this petal with love into this potion.”


After all petals are in the glass, dump the wax onto the front of the picture, and place the glass on top of the hot wax, so that it sticks to the bottomside of the glass. Then wait til the wax dries. Then you can say the chant:

“I drink this potion in the name of love.”

Consume the potion. Take your time.

Say the words “So Mote It Be” and then blow out the candle. The spell has been cast. You can dispose of the picture and any remaining ingredients.

*~Moonbeam Starchild~*

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Making Potions Stronger With a Full Moon


I used the last full moon to strengthen a money potion I had brewed, placing it under the moonlight and doing a brief chant. My mom gave me the chant and it works really well. The chant goes like this…

“In the middle of the moon there is a powerful strength.”

“May this full moon charge this potion at great length.”

“Give us energy from the light you provide, O’ Moon,”

“Give us great strength and power, please and soon!”

“I charge this potion with the power of this Moon,”

“And I command this spell to work in full bloom!”

The spell is simple, and has a modern-Irish root (she is part Irish so that makes sense). That mentioned, this little chant works for any potion, any potion at all. It also works for perfume spells and lotion spells. Placing a spell perfume in the moonlight and saying this chant will work just like a normal potion. The power of a full moon in spell casting should never be underestimated.

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August 21 The Big Eclipse


I know I didn’t post on the actual day of, but I did see it. Sort of. There were some pushy people behind me who were really irritating and wanted to apparently make sure they got the best pictures, even if that was at the expense of other people (me). I realize that it is a rare, maybe once in a lifetime opportunity, and I didn’t want to miss this. I cast a spell that very night. : ) And it has come true since then. I can’t say what exactly, but I can say that eclipses make spells stronger. Now I know that for sure!

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The Succubus and My Friend

Last night a Succubus visited my friend in his sleep. He claims that in the middle of the night he woke up with sleep paralysis (felt like the devil was on his chest, and he couldn’t move or scream or anything but he was wide awake). The succubus wasn’t friendly and while, nude and attractive, was sucking some sort of lifeforce from him. Finally after over an hour of paralysis, he was able to move again.


He thinks this was a succubus because it was sexual in nature. Personally I do not think that this was a Succubus. I think it was definitely a demon. Which is not good. I offered to cleanse his house but he looked a little weirded out. He felt comfortable enough telling me about the “Succubus” in his house to begin with, but then didn’t feel comfortable letting me help him?! Oh well, people have their comfort zones I guess. And that must just have been overstepping his comfort boundary.

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Lost a Job Because I’m Wiccan


My employer found out the other day that I am a Wiccan and because of that, I basically got fired. I know this is discrimination and I am truly infuriated about it, however, I have been trying to put all this energy and time into looking for another job. The truth is, I don’t have the resources to press charges, and I wouldn’t really want to spend what little time I have on Earth in court battling over some hater. I would rather just put my time into bettering myself, and finding employment that embraces my uniqueness, or even applauds it. I know that there are places like that out there. I don’t want any problems, so I’m not going to name the place that fired me, but let’s just say it’s a well-known Christian-supporting establishment. I didn’t think it was a big deal, but apparently, they do. That manager is not going to make it very far in life firing people because they are Wiccans. That’s such a waste of time. Now she has to rehire someone. That’s a pain. I was a great employee, I showed up on time, I completed my shifts in full, never missing a beat or calling out. I cleaned everything and always found something to do. I was so cheerful! For goodness sake, I said “Thank you for the opportunity” when I was fired!

Anyway, this led me to my latest venture tonight, making my own money and wealth / career oriented potion. I want basically a really powerful success potion. So I did some scrubbing through my spell books, pulled out my great, great grandmother’s old spellbook and found what I can only describe as a totally ancient career spell! It was cited in her book as being first used in our family to get a job as a “daguerreotypist” …which was basically early photography. It seems the position was heavily vied for in the 1800s….and it worked! She got her husband a job as one of the country’s first daguerreotypists! Anyway, it uses a few ingredients I had to order custom, and it tasted absolutely pungent, but I am hoping to see my dream job fall into my lap here within the upcoming weeks. If necessary, I guess I will brew another batch, and maybe even another after that. I am dedicated, and when I am hired, I am a dedicated employee. I know the cosmos will see me…and I know everything happens for a reason…so…let the will of the Universe unfold as it will…and let my success potion materialize as quickly as spiritually possible!


After all, while we all may have fates and destinies, and great things we are destined to do if our optimum life trajectory turns out correctly, we still have control over our futures and the ability to better ourselves. We still have the ability to CHOOSE to better the future and to SEIZE CONTROL and MAXIMIZE our self-worth!


Blessed Be and to all a great night!

*~Moonbeam Starchild~*

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Are Love Spell Casters Online a Scam?

My sister is not like me, and doesn’t do spells or anything like that. Sometimes, I think she believes deep down, and asks me about how magick could help her life or her situation she is currently in. Recently I found out she was talking to a psychic online. While I will not name names, it turns out that this psychic was a total scammer and about to take her for a while ride that would have left her bank account empty. So the question she asked was “Are love spell casters online a scam?” and “Is there anyone who can cast a real love spell for someone else on their behalf who isn’t a scam?”


Yes, there are real spell casters, there are real love spell casters too. While she can cast a love spell herself, admittedly her being an amateur will create only a weak spell, if that. It is certainly not going to be as powerful as a skilled and experienced caster…so I would never discourage her from looking at her options. But it got me thinking…there are some rules to follow when trying to hire someone to do a love spell. One of those rules is going to be not sending money to Nigeria, or with western union or money gram to basically anyone. That’s like a super scam. Everyone knows not to send money by western union. To my surprise, she was about to do it though…so I guess, maybe that isn’t as well known a fact as I thought myself. Another good rule is to never hire someone who doesn’t ask you for information about your case. If they just want to give you a price, take your money and have you go away, they are a scam. Spell casting takes personalization. It takes getting to know a situation and even sometimes running a few charts or cards or something like this, to indicate if a spell can even help. Sometimes, skilled and experienced covens can determine if help can be rendered or not before they even take the case. If a “psychic” is pressuring you, like the one that was talking to my sister, trying to harass her to get her to pay, almost threatening her, it is a sign they are in it only for the money. Using your gut instinct will help you determine if someone is genuinely caring or not.


The most important piece of advice I can offer when buying a love spell online, is to get a few different quotes. Going with just one option is silly. Mostly, this isn’t because of the price. The price may matter to you right now, but ultimately you want to pay only one price: the price it costs to get the results you want. You don’t want to pay the cheapest cost, then the second cheapest cost after the first spell fails, then the third cost after the second cost fails, and so forth – you will end up spending way more this way. Instead, get a full spectrum of quotes and choose your spell caster or coven based upon the quality of their response.

Ultimately, the person who sounds like they care the most usually does. And the person who cares the most in their response, is likely to care the most in their casting of the spell and will be able to get results much faster than the practitioners who are quick to quote and pressure and never answer your questions. Personally, I’ve had great success using Priestess Sydney Violet. She’s always so helpful and her spells are so powerful!

That’s all I have to say about that. I do not discourage paying money for spells. I do not see anything wrong with a skilled practitioner charging for their service…we see that all the time with psychics offering psychic readings and it is commonly accepted practice…why not with spell casting? It’s perfectly possible to help someone remotely over the internet, and it’s becoming more commonplace every day. Still, there are other options as well, potions, love perfumes, and all sorts of solutions, so remember to include these options in your search as well!

Peace and Love and Spiritual Unity Forever!

*~MoonBeam Starchild~*

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A Quick Word About the Pentagram

I have so many people who ask me about the pentagram when they find out I am a Wiccan. They also ask me if I am a witch, if I can cast spells, if I can see the dead or predict the future…so honestly, I can tell there’s a lot of disinformation and under-education in society when it comes to magick, witchcraft, Wicca and spiritualism in general. Most people think that I am the unconventional one, however, Wicca is one of the oldest religions in the world, and magick in general has been widely accepted for thousands of years as real and practical. It is only modern time which has created this viewpoint that Wicca and spell casting is taboo.


So, I wanted to talk about the pentagram, because the most common question I probably get is “Is the pentagram evil?” and “does the pentagram mean you worship the devil?”. The pentagram (also known as the pentacle) is actually pagan, and traces its start in the modern world to 1954. So it is a somewhat new addition to witchcraft. Although not all traditions and sects of Wicca acknowledge, or even use the pentagram, it has been a really useful tool for the ones who do. The most important thing is that the pentagram doesn’t mean the same thing for every Wiccan…and to some it means nothing at all. For me, I have jewelry with it on, as it helps me focus in a balanced perspective. I imagine that each of the five points is a sense, and it reminds me to balance my physical senses like a balance my chakra. I even have a pentagram tattoo. I use the pentagram in my rituals as well. When I do cast a spell, I draw it on the circle floor (wood upstairs in my attic) using chalk and I place a candle at each point and use the points as a way to “extend my senses and physical existence,” allowing me to stretch into the circle, and maximize my spiritual existence.

So really what I am trying to say guys, is that the pentagram has nothing to do with the devil, does not mean devil worship is occurring and most certainly does not signify black magick. It is used every day around the world for positive things and is even most used for protection spells, which are completely white magick.

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Psychic Readings on the Street

Got a Palm Reading Today

palm reading

Today was my first palm reading and it scared the ever living bleep out of me! The woman looked like she came right out of the grudge movie. I think she may have been living in the wagon that she did my reading in. It was at a small local trade show here. She had tarot cards setup all over the wagon walls, it was really cool…but she was really scary accurate. She started out by telling me that I was in a career that helps other people. And that is exactly what I am, I am a paramedic, so basically all I do is help other people all day. She then said there was a message for me from someone from my past who is no longer with us, a man who is older than me and a father figure. My father died 12 years ago. She said that this man was trying to tell me it was okay, and that he wasn’t mad “about the ball.” When I was 8 years old, I hit a ball with a baseball bat and it shattered my grandfather’s urn. Ash went everywhere, and inside the urn was a note that my grandmother had placed in there that said that “as long as this note is here with you, we are together” and was my grandmother’s way of coping with my grandfather’s death. My father was devastated when he realized that the note was in the ash and that it would never be the same again…as most of the ash was displaced or wet from a vase that shattered with it. Although he never said it directly, I always felt he blamed me, and that was all he had left of my grandfather. I couldn’t even believe it when she delivered this message. This was very real. She then told me unfortunately that I may live a shorter life, and may die younger due to an accident. I am now scared out of my pants looking left and right everywhere I turn.

My sister told me not to worry, said it was just for entertainment, but she doesn’t believe in this kind of stuff the same way I do. I know it’s real. When I was just a little girl, I saw my mother, who I never met and who died giving birth to me. She was very real, and it was a ghost of her. I ever since have been a full on believer. I have also had so much luck with many different spells I have cast, and since then I have realized that there is no limit to the things magick can tell us. I have to look out for this accident and be vigilant every day so that I can live a longer, more full life. I DO believe I can change my fate and live a full and complete life.

But only time will tell I suppose!

*~Moonbeam Starchild~*

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The Idiocy of Society Will Never Cease to Amaze Me

Today I was in my normal routine, each day for lunch I have to take the same road basically no matter where it is that I choose to eat. There is always a group of guys that harass me along the way. You would be surprised how many times I see the same guys. Typically they say the same thing every time, although sometimes it varies. Usually they just say “What do COEXIST stickers mean?” because I have a Coexist sticker on my bumper. The first time they asked me, I said “The Coexist sticker means we should all allow each other to believe what we want to believe without infringing on anyone else’s beliefs.” and they started laughing at me. I think they already knew what it meant and were just making fun of me. They replied and called me a crazy religious nut.

HONESTLY!? I think Christians are more crazy than Wiccans, not that the Coexist sticker MEANS I AM A WICCAN ANYWAY … though I think people just always instantly assume you are a witch if you have a coexist sticker on your car. Sure, I do the occasional spell here and there, but I would hardly call myself a witch. That’s a long shot for sure! And what’s wrong with promoting freedom religion anyway? Isn’t it my freedom of speech to put my religious beliefs on my car? I thought, and was raised to believe, that this was a free country, however, there is a lot of biggotry and hate in my area. I am a nice person, I work at starbucks and I serve you your mocha every day. I even see some of those guys AT MY STARBUCKS. They don’t realize I work there I don’t think, but each time I serve them, I do it with a smile and tell them to have a nice day.

Why are people so rude and disruptive? Why can’t we all just COEXIST !? 😉

Anyway, I know people are always telling me “Just because you believe it, doesn’t mean you have to put it on your bumper” I want to just say “Just because I put it on my bumper, doesn’t mean you have to read it!”

*~Moonbeam Starchild~*

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A Poem Introducing My Sleepy Existence

Welcome World!

Welcome to my slumber world, where I am already asleep!

You came around to play around and tumbled at my feet!

I sang a song and you sang a long and before you know it we were friends…

I cried a bit and you said you were guilty and wanted to make amends…

However, the town has met and the bell has rung and the sky is already dark…

My famous face and battered tone may be gone but not without a mark.

So sing a long a little more and try to keep up with me…

For this song is not long and the time has washed up at sea.

*~Moonbeam Starchild~*

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