How to Get Your Lover Back With a Love Potion

Love Potions That Really Work


How to Brew a Love Potion That Works Fast

Love potions have been historically used for drawing soul mates, returning ex-lovers, and bringing new passions into the bedroom. Love potions are also capable of reigniting the spark, refueling the interest, and reinvigorating the connection between two people. Love potions are basically love spells cast in a liquid form (please note that most love potions are not consumed, but sprayed as a fragrance). Love potions, like love spells however, are not all created equal…some are stronger than others.

This is one of my grandmother’s most powerful love potion recipes…it works great for me, but admittedly is selective in who it will work on.


  • Palmarosa
  • Peppermint
  • Ylang-Ylang (Ylang II)
  • Rosewood
  • Witches Hazel
  • 1 ounce purified water
  • Seal-able container (mason jar works well)
  • 1 Red or White Cloth

How to Brew the Potion

Brewing the potion is simple and requires no heat, just love and attentiveness. It does require a full moon and also a few days of labor. So, without further ado…

Step A… Three days before a full moon, fill the mason jar half way with witches hazel.

Step B… Add 1 ounce of purified water to the mixture (this is mostly to help with the mixture process, it won’t ever blend to the witches hazel, it just creates viscosity within the mix to better mesh the energy of the ingredients together).

Step C… Add a smidgen (just a couple tiny drops) of each of the herb ingredients (Palmarosa, Peppermint, Ylang II and Rosewood) to the mixture.

Step D… Tightly seal the container. I tape it shut too, just to be safe.

Step E… Vigorously shake the formula and then store it under the red or white cloth on a window sill where it can get moonlight (yes, as the moon is waxing still).

Step F… Shake it for 2 minutes each day for each day leading up to, and including the full moon itself.

Step G… I usually shake it for a couple more days (not storing it on the window sill anymore, as you do not want it to experience the waning moon), this just helps the magickal properties of the herbs blend to the witches hazel better.

Step H… Wear the solution by dabbing the cloth into the solution and dabbing it gently on your wrist or neck (test a small spot first to ensure no allergies) when you are going to be around the desired target your affection has focused upon.

That’s it! My grandmother did a great job herself, and it always smelled so sweet…I always follow the recipe exact and mine smells just as sweet and attractive. Some of the herb ingredients can be expensive (Ylang-Ylang), however, the ingredient list is worth following if you are going to do it right!

Professionally Brewed Love Potions (Authentic Love Potions)


Now, if you are looking for an authentic love potion that a professional brews for you…the best love potion online is definitely Siren Myst 1 and 2 by Venitie Mysts. These guys brew some seriously strong fragrances. And please note, again, that most love spell potions are actually love perfumes. You spray the perfume on you to attract your love or improvement in your relationship (that’s the same way my grandmother’s love potion recipe works). Those love potions are serious. They may be a little on the expensive side, but that’s because they work…and if my recipe isn’t working for someone, I would rather pay Venitie once, and have the perfume for life (it only takes a small spray to get effects, you don’t have to use the whole bottle)…than paying for a bunch of ineffective potions.

Anyway, two thumbs up to the Venitie mysts people for making great potions!!


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A Few Words About Love Spell Casting


Love spells and relationship oriented magick is probably the most common type of spell cast. All throughout time there have been accounts of love potions and love spells. All throughout history people have turned to witches and the occult for assistance in the relationship, or to bring their soulmate to them. To this very day people cast love spells, love potions, and love charms of all kinds. Magick has only evolved throughout time, and thus there are many more types of love spells now than ever. In fact, there is a spell for nearly any relationship problem or love spell dilemma. There are love spells that bring soulmates together. There are love spells that can reinvigorate boring or fading relationships. There are love spells that can save failing marriages. Some love spells will focus on removing a third party (banishment spells) and spells that will break up/divorce. However, one thing rings true no matter what love spell is being cast: it is impossible to affect free will without negative consequences and thus a love spell should only be cast if it is meant to be.

Love spells using positive energy cannot go wrong. If a love spell is cast with only positive intention, it will only work if there is a real connection between the two parties involved in love spell. If there is no genuine connection between the two people, the love spell will be futile and will never manifest. That said, as long as love spell is white magick and cast with only positive energy in the best of intentions, it will not backfire and will manifest where is possible to do so. Remember, even a successful and working relationship can still use a reinvigorating tuneup every once in a while. There is nothing wrong with casting a spell that strengthens a relationship or improves the passion two people share. There is also nothing wrong casting an engagement spell or a commitment/faith spell. Intention is measured in the heart and this will indicate whether it is morally advisable to continue with a love spell or not.

Cliff Notes

Love spells that affect, alter, manipulate, change, or otherwise impair free will, will backfire, lack effectiveness or simply not work. Cast love spells only with good intention using white Magick for maximum effectiveness and no backfire.

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How To Cast A Divination Spell Using An Apple

Powerful Wiccan Divination Spell Done with an Apple


Further back than the history of Wicca goes, one can trace the power of the Apple. Apple trees have been considered sacred, as well as apples alike. Apples are notoriously associated with witches, even in famous Disney movies. Although apples are very commonly used in love and passion spells, they are most certainly used in all other types of Magick as well.

Method #1: Using an Apple Peel to Find Your Lover’s Name

A very simple way to use an Apple to generate a love divination, is to carve the apple peel so that it comes off in one single piece, which will be spiraling shaped. You can then drop this spiral onto your altar, a table, or the floor to reveal the 1st letter of your soulmates name (requires a little bit of imagination and open-minded interpretation…and most certainly can be the last name or the 1st name, or even something related to the lover and not necessarily the name directly).

Method #2: Using the Full Apple to Induce Divination Via Intuition and Pentagram Method

An intuition-based divination means seeing, feeling, dreaming or otherwise having a vision which projects information or insight of some kind. In order to perform an intuition divination with an Apple you will also need a really sharp knife capable of slicing the apple in half, and a black candle. Remember, just because the candle is black does not mean black Magick is being performed. Black candles are very commonly used in divination Magick. If this worries you, you can use a white candle instead, however, black is most powerful for this divination spell. You will also obviously need an Apple.


This spell does not require any magic circle, but you will start out by lighting the candle. It is a good idea to then meditate for a few moments, focusing on the candle and imagining your question with the apple in your hands. Although this divination spell can be used for any question, it is much stronger when used for a topic of love, romance or relationship. It must be a question with a yes or no, true or false, positive or negative, or similar structured answer.

After a few moments have passed and you have adequately focused on your question, open your eyes and decide which side of the apple is “yes” and which side is “no” (top half of the apple, or bottom half of the apple).

After assigning answer values to the top and bottom of the apple, carefully slice the apple in half horizontally. Slicing the apple in half horizontally, reveals a star shaped pattern on the inside of the apple (where the seeds are harbored within the apple core). You will notice the star much resembles a Pentagram, hence why this is done with a Pentagram method. If most of the seeds are within one side more than the other, the answer is clear. If they seem only slightly weighted heavier on one side than the other, it means the answer is PROBABLY swinging that way, but could still change. If they are evenly split, it means the Universe has not yet decided the fate of that question.

If there are no seeds, it could mean the apple was a victim of bad genetic modification and you should get another apply : D

That’s it! There’s two easy ways you can use an apple for divination. And you can actually use the same apple if you want for both methods coincidently!

Blessed be and have a good day!

~*Moonbeam Starchild*~


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Cast A Fast Working Binding Love Spell

Fast Working Binding Spell For Love

One of the most commonly talked about love spells is the binding love spell. This is one of the ones that you see on TV all the time… You know, the one where the character says “I bind thee” over and over again. This is probably because it’s one of the easiest love spells to cast, especially quickly. Another benefit of the binding love spell is that it can be cast nearly anywhere, anytime. Since it only requires string and a photograph or two, it is a minimalist spell and can be cast by nearly anyone… All that’s really needed is a few minutes of time. Actually, technically, this can be cast as long as the practitioner desires. For example, when I cast a binding love spell, I typically go into the thing with the intention of binding for at least 20 minutes. Much like knitting a sweater, I will even put down the binding and come back in a little while, allowing myself breaks in between the chanting. Giving yourself breaks in between a binding spell does not make it any less effective. In fact spreading out the bindings in a binding love spell can even strengthen the ritual as it will develop power over time.


To cast a binding love spell you will only need some string, I suggest white or red… Although some people use pink. You also need a photograph of you and the target individual (the person you want to bind to you). Remember that only you will be able to unbind this binding love spell… And to make it harder to do so you can even burn the binding after you are done (not required, and not suggested if you do not want the spell to be permanent). So to cast the actual binding love spell itself you take both of the photos and press them together… So that the faces of the pictures are pressed together. Now you will need to fold the photos into a neat square about the size of a business card. Alternatively, you can roll the photos so that they are the size of a pen or thick marker. After you have the photos combined, you need to begin the actual binding itself. Using the string and moving your hands in a wrapping motion where you circle the photos with the string, the string is wrapped until there is no string left. While you are wrapping with the string, you must be chanting:

“I bind us together, together through all time, together we will be, forever you are mine.”

The longer your string is, the more you will have to chant. It is advised that you do not chant too quickly nor wrap too quickly. The spell will be most effective when you are relaxed, unbothered, and when you wrap all of the string that you have cut and started in each sitting without breaking. In other words, if you have cut 10 feet worth of string you should wrap the entire 10 feet around the photos before taking a break… You do not want to take a break 5 feet into the wrap and lose any strength in your binding by leaving it open. It is also important not to cut the string after it has begun being bound around the photos (this means if you cut 10 feet worth of string you need to complete the entire 10 feet worth of wrapping and if you wish to cut more string, it must come from the spool not already attached to the photos).


After your binding is complete and you are satisfied with the wrapping, you probably won’t be able to see any part of the photos any longer. Don’t worry, the more string the better and the stronger the spell. Some people end up with huge balls of string of which other people do not realize hold a binding spell deep within the center. It is possible, as mentioned before, to burn the binding spell after it is complete. Burning a binding spell increases its power and permanency, however, the downside is it makes it harder for you to undo in the future if you change your mind about the spell.

It is very important that the person you have cast this love spell on does not find out about the binding. If the target found the love spell binding, it would render the spell worthless and also potentially cause a backfire. Keep the spellbinding safe in a place where it will not be tampered with or found. Some people will bury their loved binding spell after they see the target commit more to them, however I have always preferred the burning method. Even if burning a binding love spell makes it more permanent, I have no problem putting more effort into the undoing part (unbinding ritual). Whichever your poison remember that the consequences of a binding love spell can mean creating more attraction in the target then you may have originally planned… So be prepared for overwhelming affection and unrelenting passion. It is also possible to tone down the effects of the binding spell by reversing the wind and applying shorter strings and that will be up to you in the future.

Good luck and Blessed be! And of course, HAPPY BINDING!

*~Moonbeam Starchild~*

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How to Turn Around a Relationship Using Magick and Spells


My friend has a really bad historical tract of meeting ‘the wrong guy.’ It just keeps happening to her. She is such a sweetie, and I love her forever…being one of my besties…but she just has NO LUCK When it comes to men! She has asked me why men are always crawling all over me, when we both shop at the same stores, wear the same types of perfumes, do our hair at the same salon, and I will admit (while she is nice enough not to say it), she is more attractive than I am. I do not consider myself promiscuous, none of my friends would consider my promiscuous…in fact, they’d all call me the most conservative of us all (yes, despite my religious beliefs – but I actually consider Wicca the most conservative religion of them all…though that is a topic for another day). So, she asks “Why do you get all the good guys and I get all the bad ones?” And this isn’t the first time my friends have asked me that. I have had other friends ask why I seem to be able to get any man I want, while they aren’t able to get any man they want. Some aren’t able to get any men at all…but I’ll say this right now: no man is better than a bad man!

So, let’s focus on getting you a GOOD man, as I have helped my friends before, and will help this friend as well. Although I am typing this guide up specifically for my friend, I will make it more general so that anyone can use it and so that it can help other people too. (Cuz that’s the Wiccan way!! =D)

Without any further ado or delay…

Identify the type of Spell or Magick


It is important to understand that there are a lot of different types of relationship and love problems. If there is someone else involved, then a banishment spell or a “remove a third party” or “remove negative influence” spell may be required. Sometimes, it isn’t necessary. It all depends on how ingrained the third party is, and how deep your connection to your lover is. If they are married, this is going to be more difficult (not impossible and if you are meant to be you should not give up), and you may want to consider doing a divorce spell first.

After you have the spell line up determined, you need to decide how many times to cast each spell and gather all of your ingredients. I have posted about love spells before, so that you can search my blog and find previous love spell recipes. Though, I will include an easy, “all purpose love spell” that you can do with just a red candle and no other ingredient.

Casting an Easy Love Spell with Only a Red Candle


To cast this spell you need a quiet space and you need to have something to carve into the candle, this can be anything (even a key for example). Carve both of your initials into the candle (small so you can fit them within three hearts). Go ahead and carve the three hearts around them as well now too.

Light the candle and chant the following love spell poem three times total:

“At the crest of our connection is a bind that can shine,
We can have a relationship that can age like a fine wine,

We can live our lives together as though it were one whole,
and we can have everything when together as one soul.

So I call upon you Lady o Moon and Goddess of Love, to join me in this spell,
May the energies of love and care thrive in this relationship in great swell!”

Blow out the candle after you are done chanting as you say “I WILL IT BE!”

That is the entire spell. It will be stronger if you do it on a full moon for nearly any love or relationship situation. The only exception would be if it is a new love that you are pursuing, do it on a new moon.

Love Spell Incense that Work


Although you can get away with a generic, simple love spell like the one above if you put your heart into it and repeat it on a regular basis until it manifests…love spell incense will help make the spell stronger and can also help draw love on their own. Burning Rosemary, Frankincense, Cinnamon, or Peppermint for example will help draw power to a love spell.

Casting a Love Spell When You are “The Other Woman”

If you need to do a banishment spell first, do not hesitate to do so! Getting rid of a third party should be the priority if you believe their connection is stronger than your connection. A good banishment spell box or banishment spell will work great. Get a picture of the two people that you want to separate (can be one photo of each of them or one of them together) and put it into a box with a cup of thyme. Wrap a black string around the box several times and tie it off. Keep the box somewhere safe until the banishment spell manifests. No one likes to be the other woman, and if you really love this man, that means this other woman has to go. Banishment spells can be done correctly without backfire, if the relationship between you and the man is meant to be!


And no matter the situation…

Another important note…my friend specifically took note that we “wore the same perfume” in her long list of rants as to why men would choose me over her when we are the same…I had to advise her right away that this statement wasn’t true. While, yes, we both own some normal perfumes…I do not only wear normal perfume. I wear love spell pheromones and love spell potions (effectively love spell perfumes). Love spell perfumes make things WAY EASIER. While you can make one yourself, it will never be as effective as going to a specialist (just like if you need a tooth cleaning you go to a dental hygienist, if you need a cavity filling you get the dentist…and if you need a really bad extraction, you might go to a special dental surgeon). In this case, that specialist would be a love potion, perfume or lotion specialist. Be careful as there are a lot of scams out there, however, one of the best ones and one that I really recommend is Siren Myst from

Although they are a little on the expensive side, they are the most effective love spell perfume (or potion, it just isn’t a consumable, as many potions are not consumable). A few sprays of Venitie’s Siren Myst and the men come crawling and falling all over themselves for you. I got her a bottle as a gift to help her, along with a cauldron so she could burn some love incense too around the house. That’s one of the easiest ways for someone who doesn’t know how to do magick to do a love spell that will actually work and bring the person back…incense and love perfume work more influential energy than people realize and can be really powerful when done correctly.

With effort and care, you will have your man in no time! Comment if you have a question or need help!

~*Moonbeam Starchild*~

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Can a Love Spell Fix My Relationship?

Will a Love Spell Work For Me?

Love spells have been a really common request, people want to know if I can give them any love spell chants or incantations, or any love spell potions. And the answer, by the way, is yes, I can! If you message me, or comment, I can give you a love spell or potion that will help for you, and you can do it at home, they are all easy to do. However, back to the question… “can a love spell help me fix my relationship?” Absolutely, in most cases, YES! It can! The trick in making sure a love spell is effective, is picking the correct love spell for a situation. Most people are not skilled at selecting the right love spell for a case. And since every case is different, most people fail to understand that personalizing and customizing the love spell chosen for a scenario, is still super important.

Step One — Picking the Right Love Spell for Your Relationship


There are thousands of types of love spells. The best way to figure out the right type of love spell for your relationship is to begin by asking yourself questions.

Is my relationship currently stable? If the answer is no, then you need to strengthen commitment, attraction, and address any problems in the relationship (there are herbs and chants that can be devised for all of that).

Is there a third party involved? No matter how a third party is involved, whether it is another romantic interest or a meddling family member or friend, there are a variety of ways to deck out a love spell to include the removal of third party (banishment spell) or a break up spell.

Does the other person still love me? If not, the love may need to be re-sparked. Otherwise, maybe it just needs to be strengthened.

How is the intimacy situation in my relationship? Some relationships can benefit from a massive infusion of passion. Other relationships just need a few little sparks.

How is the communication in my relationship? It can be a matter of poor communication, miscommunication or no communication, but magick and the right love spell can fix just about anything, including the communication in a relationship.

Remember: There are herbs, essential oils, fragrances, candles, other ingredients, chants and rituals for nearly every situation.

Step Two — Customizing the Love Spell


A love spell can be really dressed up! In fact, there’s no end to how customized and personalized a love spell can become. Oftentimes…a love spell will be customized with the adornment of oils, perfumes, herbs, and incense. It is also possible to do all sorts of carvings into the sides of candles, into the floor of the circle, as well as on the bodies of the spell casters. You can include poetry and custom chants, and really mix it up as much as you want. A spell recipe is merely a guideline to help a spell caster unlock power and energy within themselves, the environment and the Cosmos…thus, anything that comes natural and feels like it will increase the power of a spell, probably will!

Step Three — Repetition of Chants and/or Love Spell

Chanting and love spell casting can be as simple or complex as a spell caster desires, however, if you want to really pack some serious power into your spell, repeating it and casting it numerous times is always best. Three times is standard to get a good boost in the spell…however, you can do the spell as many times as you want. Some people prefer to cast the spell one time then back it up with a bunch of chants that are done infinitely, whenever they have time (inside or outside of the circle).

Words of Wisdom

Do what feels right. My advice is never to stop if you feel like it isn’t enough. Do not settle. Do not get lazy when it comes to love spells. Love is a serious life stone, you want love to be correct, and cannot afford to go light when it comes to “being with someone for the rest of your life” – it is worth it to put a little care into it, and spend a little time doing a better spell than a simpler one. Do not give up, a relationship worth casting a love spell for, is a relationship worth fixing…and therefore, a relationship worth fixing, is worth casting a love spell for! The right love spell can fix your relationship.


In short, my advice is: when it comes to your love life and relationship, never short change yourself, do it all the right way and do not cut any corners.

~*Moonbeam Starchild*~

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Do Love Spells Really Work?

Are Love Spells Real?


The Wiccan love spell has been around for a long time and is a staple in spell casting and the Wiccan religion. However, it is still rarely performed mostly due to skepticism. The world as we know it frowns upon spell casting and the Wiccan religion. Why? Mostly because people are scared of what they do not understand. Most people respond negatively to thinks they do not understand, or things which create fear. They most certainly approach with greater caution. And while they may choose to spend this energy in judgment, and tell us that our love spells do not work, the truth is, we must be more enlightened than that, and able to say “this is just a skeptic, who doesn’t understand spell casting.” Ultimately when you break it down, it’s no different than you or I, being nervous or scared by something we do not understand.

That said, to any of the skeptics out there reading my blog right now, yes, love spells are real. : ) I have done them myself, many times. My mother has done them and I’ve seen them work. I’ve seen mine work. My friends have done them and their love spells have worked too. I will admit though, that not all love spells work. I have had some of mine fail. Some of my mother’s have failed…some of my friends’ love spells have failed as well. Truthfully, sometimes it just takes repetition and repeating the spell until it does work. Other times it is a matter of what we call “base potency” which means, the spell ingredients and base incantations are not strong enough. This would mean no matter how many times it was repeated, it would never work. Some people are also immune to spell casting. It’s possible, and I’ve seen that too. But I know love spells are real, and just as real as a therapist is, casting a love spell is just another route to try and resolve one’s love life or a relationship. One of the best parts about love spells is that there are so many different types. There is such a diverse amount of love spells out there, of all types of religions (Wicca, Druid, other Irish love spells, Voodoo, Traditional Pagan, and a variety of other magick types), and of all types of strengths and focuses. In other words: there is a love spell for nearly any situation that exists and for nearly any scenario. They can even be customized to further meet more specific needs. Some people just end up thinking love spells are not real because they end up hiring some scam love spell caster, or they do a weak love spell themselves on someone who needs a stronger spell.


If you saw a thousand boxes and reached into one and found nothing, would you automatically assume there was nothing in the 999 other boxes?

~*Moonbeam Starchild*~

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How to Cast a Simple Candle Love Spell

I regularly use candles in my spells and use them in almost all of my love spells. In Wicca, they are a really big deal. So I would like to share a really basic candle love spell for you to cast at home to bring your ex lover or past lover back to you. You will need a picture of your lover, and a picture of you (separate). You will need to know their full name and date of birth. You need a black permanent marker and you need 2 red candles. You also need something to carve into the candle with. I use an Athame, but someone a little more amateur could use the back of a spoon or something like that. Finally, you need an envelope large enough to hold both photos after the ritual is complete.


Start by carving a heart into each of the candles, and placing your initials in one heart on one of the candles, and your lover’s initials in the other heart on the other candle. Light each of the candles while you say the words: “I light this candle to draw my love.” Next, write your name and date of birth on the frontside of your lover’s photograph in permanent marker, and write your lover’s name and date of birth on the frontside of your photograph in permanent marker. You will now need to meditate for 10-15 minutes, picturing a life where you are together. Imagine that you are seeing your lover return to you and that you are happy together. After sufficient meditation, pour the wax of both candles, at the same time, on your photo, and then press the face side of your lover’s photo onto the wax pool, effectively “gluing the two of your photos together with the wax.” Blow the candles out while you say “So Mote it Be!” Your simple candle spell for love is now complete. Place the photos (glued together with the drying wax) into the envelope and seal the envelope. Place the envelope under your mattress or by your bedside until the spell manifests…you can then dispose of the envelope (burn for best permanency). Good luck!

*~Moonbeam Starchild~*

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How to Brew a Powerful Love Potion


I thought it might be nice to share a family recipe for a love potion. This is sacred to our family and has Druid roots. If you are looking for a Wicca Love Potion, I know those too and you can message me or comment and I can help you out with a powerful Wicca Love Potion Recipe…however, this druid love potion is of medium strength and I do feel it will work for a lot of cases. It is also simple to do, which is great, and doesn’t require heat.

Since it doesn’t need heat, it makes an excellent love potion for almost any person to make. You start with a glass of water and you need a rose. I suggest cleaning the rose through some running water, carefully cleaning each petal with your fingers. You need a photograph of the person you want to target with the love potion (one you don’t mind ruining), and you need a pen or pencil. You also need a red candle. Then you sit in a comfortable place and light the candle. After you are relaxed, write your name and date of birth on the back of their picture. While the wax is building in the candle, place the picture on the ground or on the table in front of you and begin peeling rose petals, placing each one into the glass of water. With each rose petal that you peel, say the brief chant:

“I place this petal with love into this potion.”


After all petals are in the glass, dump the wax onto the front of the picture, and place the glass on top of the hot wax, so that it sticks to the bottomside of the glass. Then wait til the wax dries. Then you can say the chant:

“I drink this potion in the name of love.”

Consume the potion. Take your time.

Say the words “So Mote It Be” and then blow out the candle. The spell has been cast. You can dispose of the picture and any remaining ingredients.

*~Moonbeam Starchild~*

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Are Love Spell Casters Online a Scam?

My sister is not like me, and doesn’t do spells or anything like that. Sometimes, I think she believes deep down, and asks me about how magick could help her life or her situation she is currently in. Recently I found out she was talking to a psychic online. While I will not name names, it turns out that this psychic was a total scammer and about to take her for a while ride that would have left her bank account empty. So the question she asked was “Are love spell casters online a scam?” and “Is there anyone who can cast a real love spell for someone else on their behalf who isn’t a scam?”


Yes, there are real spell casters, there are real love spell casters too. While she can cast a love spell herself, admittedly her being an amateur will create only a weak spell, if that. It is certainly not going to be as powerful as a skilled and experienced caster…so I would never discourage her from looking at her options. But it got me thinking…there are some rules to follow when trying to hire someone to do a love spell. One of those rules is going to be not sending money to Nigeria, or with western union or money gram to basically anyone. That’s like a super scam. Everyone knows not to send money by western union. To my surprise, she was about to do it though…so I guess, maybe that isn’t as well known a fact as I thought myself. Another good rule is to never hire someone who doesn’t ask you for information about your case. If they just want to give you a price, take your money and have you go away, they are a scam. Spell casting takes personalization. It takes getting to know a situation and even sometimes running a few charts or cards or something like this, to indicate if a spell can even help. Sometimes, skilled and experienced covens can determine if help can be rendered or not before they even take the case. If a “psychic” is pressuring you, like the one that was talking to my sister, trying to harass her to get her to pay, almost threatening her, it is a sign they are in it only for the money. Using your gut instinct will help you determine if someone is genuinely caring or not.


The most important piece of advice I can offer when buying a love spell online, is to get a few different quotes. Going with just one option is silly. Mostly, this isn’t because of the price. The price may matter to you right now, but ultimately you want to pay only one price: the price it costs to get the results you want. You don’t want to pay the cheapest cost, then the second cheapest cost after the first spell fails, then the third cost after the second cost fails, and so forth – you will end up spending way more this way. Instead, get a full spectrum of quotes and choose your spell caster or coven based upon the quality of their response.

Ultimately, the person who sounds like they care the most usually does. And the person who cares the most in their response, is likely to care the most in their casting of the spell and will be able to get results much faster than the practitioners who are quick to quote and pressure and never answer your questions. Personally, I’ve had great success using Priestess Sydney Violet. She’s always so helpful and her spells are so powerful!

That’s all I have to say about that. I do not discourage paying money for spells. I do not see anything wrong with a skilled practitioner charging for their service…we see that all the time with psychics offering psychic readings and it is commonly accepted practice…why not with spell casting? It’s perfectly possible to help someone remotely over the internet, and it’s becoming more commonplace every day. Still, there are other options as well, potions, love perfumes, and all sorts of solutions, so remember to include these options in your search as well!

Peace and Love and Spiritual Unity Forever!

*~MoonBeam Starchild~*

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