How to Tell if You Are Being Haunted by a Ghost or a Demon

Ghost or Demon? How can you tell? It’s really hard sometimes because some demons do not instantly manifest in a malicious nature right away. Sometimes, they are merely curious. Other times they are simply passing through. But in some rare, unfortunate cases, they are “stalking their prey.” It can be very hard to tell if a ghost is a demon just playing with you to lower your guard and defenses. Here are some ways to tell if an entity or spirit or haunting is a ghost or a demon…


Method #1 Communication Manifestations

Identify a communication point…be it EVP (electronic voice phenomena), a ouija board, automatic writing, or even a magic 8 ball…anything that is receiving interaction from the entity in question. Even a psychic or medium will work. Cast a magick circle bringing your communication point into the circle with you. Invite friendly forces and energies access to your circle. Use the communication point within the circle. If you still receive communication it does not necessarily mean it is not a demon, but it rules out weaker demons. Cast your circle a couple more times, making it a triple cast circle and try the communication point again. If you are no longer getting communication, it was a stronger demon, and that is not good.

Method #2 Fruit Spoiling

Demons can spoil fruit, as it possesses powerful life-sustaining energy…and demons are attracted to LIFEFORCE and suck it dry of everything it is worth! Placing a bowl full of freshly cut fruit out and observing how quickly it decays will help rule out a demon. If a demon is present, the fruit will decay nearly 4-5 times as fast as usual. Ghosts are not interested in sucking lifeforce out of any person nor fruit.


Method #3 Mirror Method

The myth and fable of “Bloody Mary” partly originated from the ability of an evil spirit, or a demon, to access the real world by crossing through a mirror. The demon requires a willing participant staring into the mirror to cross through into our world and will usually take possession of the participant. A mirror, however, can still be used to determine if evils is haunting you or an area. Enter a dark room, such as a bathroom, close out all the lights. You must be alone. Star into the mirror until your eyes adjust, close enough to stare into your own eyes. Ask your own reflection if any evil spirits or demons are present and if so to make themselves known. This does not invite them to take possession of you or enter your world, it only forces them to make an energy wave…one which you will feel in the gut of your soul if it is a demon.

What to do if you are being haunted or harassed by a Demon

Seek help for cleansing and banishing the demon ASAP. You cannot usually battle a demon yourself and I do not mean that as an insult, I mean literally your energy will not be strong enough to battle a demon yourself as you will have your energy constantly siphoned from the demon, lowering the strength and potency present within the aura, making your spell weaker. It must be someone else who gets rid of the demon. Experienced spell casters and covens will agree.


What not to do if you are being possessed, someone you know is being possessed or there is a demon haunting your home or residence

Do not try to take on the demon by yourself. Demons feed off life force and if you do not know what you are doing, you will only make it stronger. It will feed off of your attempts to destroy it and curve you a fate worse than if you would have just left it alone. Demons can rampage through marriages, relationships, health, luck, careers and leave all sorts of carnage. Getting help immediately is priority #1.

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Had a Deceased Family Member Visit Me


Tonight my dead grandmother paid me a visit in the middle of the night. I just woke up, 25 minutes ago, and found her apparition standing solid in the middle of my room, with her arms extended towards me and open. She was not scary, but very comforting and a very happy image of her. I was very excited and she looked to be in her best, how I remember her when she was really healthy. She was wearing her favorite red dress, and had a hat on that I remember her wearing one day when we all did a walk in the park when I was very young, I loved that day. I think that was the first spell I ever cast, but I was too young to understand what we were doing. My mother doesn’t remember that day like I do, however, I believe we were casting a fertility spell for my little brother who was born shortly after…we then were having to hide our Wiccan practices and beliefs for many years until way later in life. Anyway, that day was a magickal day…and she looked JUST LIKE THAT DAY! But when I stood up to go to her, her visual apparition faded away very quickly. I was absolutely awake and immediately called my mother afterwards, who said she too just saw her tonight. This is not the first time that we have seen her, or other people who have crossed over (what I believe to be) relatives in my family. We have a history of being able to contact the dead and contact the other side. People often come to us (friends and others) to have us perform and conduct seances. Just like they ask us to do love spells. My mother and I are really good at this kind of thing and work together as a team. We have been burning candles and chanting chants to contact the deceased, my grandmother included in the list of people we regularly reach out to, so it is no surprise to me to see her. I will try to conduct a seance tonight and see if I can get her to communicate. I believe that we will reach communication with her soon, especially given all the interaction we have been having from her.


I am going to get back to sleep now, but wanted to log this journal entry while it was fresh in my mind.

Good Night World And Blessed Be!

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