What Makes a Coven Legit?

What is the Definition of a Real Wiccan Coven?

Everyone seems to think that a Wiccan coven has to consist of 4 people to be complete. That is a pile of rubbish! A coven consists of more than one person believing in the same magical or spiritual principles. In fact, a coven does not have to even contain an even number of members! Plenty of experience, highly skilled and super effective covens are made up of 3, 5, 7 or even 9 people.


Probably the most important aspect of forming a coven is finding people with similar beliefs and goals. Although it is not imperative all of the goals of every coven member align entirely, the intentions of a spell will be more unified and the spell will be more effective if all coven members are of the same practicing belief and intent. Remember, magic, spellcasting and other rituals, are faith and intent derived. If the intent is not properly aligned, or otherwise lacking, the spell will be ineffective and not work well or at all. To join a coven, you will want to find at least one other person interested in casting the same types of spells. It is also a good idea to recruit people one by one, gauging each person’s intent and assets along the way. Although a new prospect may appear to be the ideal candidate to become the next coven inductee, if their skill sets are identical to another coven members, and they bring nothing new to the table…it may be better for everyone (including this candidate) to keep looking.

Remember, a coven is about balance and flow. Just like magick, spells and witchcraft itself, balance and flow are important in attaining success in a ritual. Choose coven members that complement the coven best, and those members which get along the most. Forming a coven out of stray for discord will produce no effective spell.

And that’s it for Forming a Coven 101! Happy casting!

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Tattoo Spells and Tattoos that Make Spell Casting Stronger


My friend and I went to get tattoos today. I chose to get a Celtic knot, she chose to get a fairy. She wanted to empower her spells with druid magick and chose the fairy to represent the power of the fae in her spells. I got the Celtic knot in honor of one of my relatives who passed along with her name and date of birth…both to get a celtic advantage in my spell casting, and also to get my ancestral energy, as I know that she will now be present with me in spell casting and within the circle. In fact, even tonight, the first night with the tattoo, I could feel her in the circle with me. Our coven is stronger because of this, I know it. Having ancestors and relatives help with spells from the other side is a great way to make it stronger. I think we will add a couple more people to our local coven and then we will stop recruiting. That will make 6 people total. People think you need to have 4 people to have a complete coven, but covens can be consisted of any number of people. I like to have even numbers still because you can do rituals that require you to pair up though.

Anyway, the rest of the coven (2 others right now) are going to get tattoos this week as well to help make the spells stronger, then we will all have them. We were thinking about getting more too, that match, having our coven all get the same matching tattoos would be supremely strong >:D

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