Is Being Psychic Hereditary?

Does Psychic Ability Pass Down in a Family Line, Genetically?

My theology professor posed the question today whether or not psychic abilities were hereditary in origin. Meaning, can you inherit being psychic from your mother or father, or even further down in your family line? And if so, can it skip several generations, effectively making it seem like there is no psychic gene in a family besides one person. This really got me thinking. Although obviously psychic abilities exist, and we see them portrayed in Hollywood and flicks, very uncommon is it for anyone to discuss if they inherited any psychic abilities. It may be rushed upon in a movie or TV series, that a certain character that happens to be psychic may have inherited their abilities from their mother or father, however, it is very rarely directly addressed.

psychic powers

With that mentioned, in real life I happen to know several psychics of whom also have psychic mothers and psychic grandmothers before them. I would find it a ridiculous coincidence if almost every psychic I knew had a maternal psychic ahead of them, unless of course there were a connection to be drawn. I can only ASSUME that psychic ability CAN be genetic, or IS genetic. When my professor posed the additional question of whether or not psychic genes could skip a generation or 2, I began to realize it was more likely that all psychic ability is genetic. Just when you find a psychic whose parents were not psychic themselves, it was simply likely somewhere in their family line if they went back far enough, a psychic would be found.

By the end of the course, the entire classroom was erupting with opinion. Half the class felt psychic abilities were learned, a well-developed skill. The other half the class (myself included) psychic abilities were genetic and passed down in a family line. The thing is, both arguments could be true at the same time without posing any threat to the existence of the other theory. So I don’t know why everybody is so emotional about this topic…but I thought I’d type up my two cents on the issue!

Blessed be!

~*Moonbeam Starchild*~


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Using a Cactus to Bring Abundant Money

Casting a Cactus Money Spell


Today, my friend purchased me a delightful little cactus as a gift and said “Happy money! May this cactus bring you lots of wealth!”

How sweet! This really made my week, otherwise which would have been terrible! After I received this cactus I started doing a little research on how cactuses can be used in money spells. It turns out that you can use a cactus in an abundant wealth spell, without killing the cactus! That was great news, because otherwise I did not want to use it in a spell as I really love it. It took me a little while to figure out how to do, so now that I know I will share it here with all of you in case anyone else wants to repeat the same cactus money spell.

To cast the spell you will 1st need to cast a magick circle. Make sure that you bring your cactus into the circle with you, along with a green candle and a cup of water. It is best if the water is distilled or purified, as you are adding spiritual properties to the water during the spell and non-purified water can sometimes contain disruptive ingredients without your knowledge.

After your circle is cast light the green candle and say the words: “I want the money, I need the money, bring me the money! Bring me the money now!”

Close your eyes and imagine the green candle interacting with the energy surrounding the cactus’ aura. After a few moments have passed open your eyes and pour the small pool of green wax that has formed in the top of the green candle into the cup of water.*

*You must have meditated for a few minutes in the step in order to allow the wax to form in the top of the candle.

Allow the wax to solidify in the cup of water, which should happen pretty quickly. Then you can pour a small bit of this water into the cactus soil. This water is blessed to draw extreme amounts of wealth and abundant financial luck. It will bless the cactus, and ignite its natural ability to streamline financial success and monetary satisfaction into your bank account and hands.


This spell can be slightly modified to draw a certain type of money or financial success. For example, if a lottery win is what you seek, bring a blank lottery ticket into the circle with you and burn it with the candle flame pushing the burning lottery ticket into the cup of water as it becomes ash. Some people use dollar bills to enhance the ritual. If you want to get a loan approved, print something related to the loan and burn that instead (it does not have to be something big, you can cut just a tiny corner of the paper out that has the loan company, amount, and any other pertinent information, and that will do just fine).

After the spell is cast close the circle and continue to water the cactus with normal water regularly as usual. Remember, you never want to overwater cactuses…which is the exact reason why the entire cup of water is not poured onto the cactus. That cup of water in particular is extremely concentrated in energy as well, and too much of it on the cactus can have a spiritual “shocking” affect on the cactus aura. Think of it like morphine for someone in the hospital in pain…a little can be very helpful in relieving, while too much can lead to shock and death. A little bit of the water will be VERY helpful in drawing the abundant wealth properties out of the cactus though, and as long as the ritual is only performed no more than once a week, the cactus will be fine and even enjoy it!

I hope this helps another cactus lover use their cactus in a money or abundant wealth spell of some kind, without murdering the cactus : )

~*Moonbeam Starchild*~

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Tried a Real Wiccan Intelligence Potion for the First Time

My First Wiccan Wisdom Potion (well, Perfume)


There are a lot of interchangeable terms in Wicca, one of those terms being in the realm of Alchemy…that term being “Potion.” A Potion in Wicca can mean many things, but usually refers to some sort of liquid composition of a spell to be either consumed or worn on the body as a perfume or fragrance, or as an oil to burn or dress charms. My first wiccan potion that was meant to improve IQ and increase wisdom, and the flow of mental and psychic powers I got from it was a little on the expensive side I found out, but It was a gift!! But it was well worth it, as it is a perfume you spray on you and I have only had to spray it a few times and I have already felt the energy rushing over me. It is called “White Owl myst” and it is excellent. Smells good too. A lot of the perfumes out there on the wiccan market can be a scam…but White owl myst is definitely the real deal and has power I am able to verifiably feel.


I take 2 college classes at a time all the time, all year long, and I noticed a difference right away in my attentiveness, my intuitiveness, and most importantly my grades. At home, I noticed a more connected, more aware and psychically ACTIVE state of consciousness. I even feel like my spells are stronger. I just spray it on my wrist and neck once before I cast my circle and it is an effect that I can FEEL and is noticeable. I am going to experiment with spraying it on my ritual ingredients for my next seance, as I heard it can also increase divination and seances as well. I don’t review products that much, but I guess it’s probably because I usually stick with the same stuff that works and do not venture out that frequently. Getting this as a gift makes it an exception, but honestly, I will probably repurchase it when I finish using this up, it is definitely worth it and gets two thumbs up from me!

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Wanting to Date Another Wiccan

Looking for a Place to Find Other Wiccans for Dating


I have A LOT OF QWERKS that just about anyone would consider “normal people qwerks,” but my last boyfriend told me that I would be better off finding someone who believes in Wicca and spells like me. He said that my belief in Wicca was too much of a “hurdle” for him to leap, and that being raised as a Jewish man, his family was putting pressure on him to marry a Jewish woman. I can accept that, as obviously he doesn’t love me enough if he was able to bounce that quickly on me…however, he raised a good point.

Instead of being hateful or angry about the comment, I started to analyze his suggestion. A suggestion, which he was even taking himself (him having left me to find someone of his own faith). I am now on the hunt for a Wiccan like me. Someone who is tolerant of all beliefs, like me. Someone who believes in spell casting and the ability to change one’s fate…just like me. I have joined some Wiccan dating sites…and am currently looking for the best Wiccan dating site. I have also got a couple Wiccan dating apps…but it looks like so far I may have more luck with the dating sites…which have more people.

I will report back later and let you all know how it goes. : )


~*Moonbeam Starchild*~

Cast A Fast Working Binding Love Spell

Fast Working Binding Spell For Love

One of the most commonly talked about love spells is the binding love spell. This is one of the ones that you see on TV all the time… You know, the one where the character says “I bind thee” over and over again. This is probably because it’s one of the easiest love spells to cast, especially quickly. Another benefit of the binding love spell is that it can be cast nearly anywhere, anytime. Since it only requires string and a photograph or two, it is a minimalist spell and can be cast by nearly anyone… All that’s really needed is a few minutes of time. Actually, technically, this can be cast as long as the practitioner desires. For example, when I cast a binding love spell, I typically go into the thing with the intention of binding for at least 20 minutes. Much like knitting a sweater, I will even put down the binding and come back in a little while, allowing myself breaks in between the chanting. Giving yourself breaks in between a binding spell does not make it any less effective. In fact spreading out the bindings in a binding love spell can even strengthen the ritual as it will develop power over time.


To cast a binding love spell you will only need some string, I suggest white or red… Although some people use pink. You also need a photograph of you and the target individual (the person you want to bind to you). Remember that only you will be able to unbind this binding love spell… And to make it harder to do so you can even burn the binding after you are done (not required, and not suggested if you do not want the spell to be permanent). So to cast the actual binding love spell itself you take both of the photos and press them together… So that the faces of the pictures are pressed together. Now you will need to fold the photos into a neat square about the size of a business card. Alternatively, you can roll the photos so that they are the size of a pen or thick marker. After you have the photos combined, you need to begin the actual binding itself. Using the string and moving your hands in a wrapping motion where you circle the photos with the string, the string is wrapped until there is no string left. While you are wrapping with the string, you must be chanting:

“I bind us together, together through all time, together we will be, forever you are mine.”

The longer your string is, the more you will have to chant. It is advised that you do not chant too quickly nor wrap too quickly. The spell will be most effective when you are relaxed, unbothered, and when you wrap all of the string that you have cut and started in each sitting without breaking. In other words, if you have cut 10 feet worth of string you should wrap the entire 10 feet around the photos before taking a break… You do not want to take a break 5 feet into the wrap and lose any strength in your binding by leaving it open. It is also important not to cut the string after it has begun being bound around the photos (this means if you cut 10 feet worth of string you need to complete the entire 10 feet worth of wrapping and if you wish to cut more string, it must come from the spool not already attached to the photos).


After your binding is complete and you are satisfied with the wrapping, you probably won’t be able to see any part of the photos any longer. Don’t worry, the more string the better and the stronger the spell. Some people end up with huge balls of string of which other people do not realize hold a binding spell deep within the center. It is possible, as mentioned before, to burn the binding spell after it is complete. Burning a binding spell increases its power and permanency, however, the downside is it makes it harder for you to undo in the future if you change your mind about the spell.

It is very important that the person you have cast this love spell on does not find out about the binding. If the target found the love spell binding, it would render the spell worthless and also potentially cause a backfire. Keep the spellbinding safe in a place where it will not be tampered with or found. Some people will bury their loved binding spell after they see the target commit more to them, however I have always preferred the burning method. Even if burning a binding love spell makes it more permanent, I have no problem putting more effort into the undoing part (unbinding ritual). Whichever your poison remember that the consequences of a binding love spell can mean creating more attraction in the target then you may have originally planned… So be prepared for overwhelming affection and unrelenting passion. It is also possible to tone down the effects of the binding spell by reversing the wind and applying shorter strings and that will be up to you in the future.

Good luck and Blessed be! And of course, HAPPY BINDING!

*~Moonbeam Starchild~*

How to Turn Around a Relationship Using Magick and Spells


My friend has a really bad historical tract of meeting ‘the wrong guy.’ It just keeps happening to her. She is such a sweetie, and I love her forever…being one of my besties…but she just has NO LUCK When it comes to men! She has asked me why men are always crawling all over me, when we both shop at the same stores, wear the same types of perfumes, do our hair at the same salon, and I will admit (while she is nice enough not to say it), she is more attractive than I am. I do not consider myself promiscuous, none of my friends would consider my promiscuous…in fact, they’d all call me the most conservative of us all (yes, despite my religious beliefs – but I actually consider Wicca the most conservative religion of them all…though that is a topic for another day). So, she asks “Why do you get all the good guys and I get all the bad ones?” And this isn’t the first time my friends have asked me that. I have had other friends ask why I seem to be able to get any man I want, while they aren’t able to get any man they want. Some aren’t able to get any men at all…but I’ll say this right now: no man is better than a bad man!

So, let’s focus on getting you a GOOD man, as I have helped my friends before, and will help this friend as well. Although I am typing this guide up specifically for my friend, I will make it more general so that anyone can use it and so that it can help other people too. (Cuz that’s the Wiccan way!! =D)

Without any further ado or delay…

Identify the type of Spell or Magick


It is important to understand that there are a lot of different types of relationship and love problems. If there is someone else involved, then a banishment spell or a “remove a third party” or “remove negative influence” spell may be required. Sometimes, it isn’t necessary. It all depends on how ingrained the third party is, and how deep your connection to your lover is. If they are married, this is going to be more difficult (not impossible and if you are meant to be you should not give up), and you may want to consider doing a divorce spell first.

After you have the spell line up determined, you need to decide how many times to cast each spell and gather all of your ingredients. I have posted about love spells before, so that you can search my blog and find previous love spell recipes. Though, I will include an easy, “all purpose love spell” that you can do with just a red candle and no other ingredient.

Casting an Easy Love Spell with Only a Red Candle


To cast this spell you need a quiet space and you need to have something to carve into the candle, this can be anything (even a key for example). Carve both of your initials into the candle (small so you can fit them within three hearts). Go ahead and carve the three hearts around them as well now too.

Light the candle and chant the following love spell poem three times total:

“At the crest of our connection is a bind that can shine,
We can have a relationship that can age like a fine wine,

We can live our lives together as though it were one whole,
and we can have everything when together as one soul.

So I call upon you Lady o Moon and Goddess of Love, to join me in this spell,
May the energies of love and care thrive in this relationship in great swell!”

Blow out the candle after you are done chanting as you say “I WILL IT BE!”

That is the entire spell. It will be stronger if you do it on a full moon for nearly any love or relationship situation. The only exception would be if it is a new love that you are pursuing, do it on a new moon.

Love Spell Incense that Work


Although you can get away with a generic, simple love spell like the one above if you put your heart into it and repeat it on a regular basis until it manifests…love spell incense will help make the spell stronger and can also help draw love on their own. Burning Rosemary, Frankincense, Cinnamon, or Peppermint for example will help draw power to a love spell.

Casting a Love Spell When You are “The Other Woman”

If you need to do a banishment spell first, do not hesitate to do so! Getting rid of a third party should be the priority if you believe their connection is stronger than your connection. A good banishment spell box or banishment spell will work great. Get a picture of the two people that you want to separate (can be one photo of each of them or one of them together) and put it into a box with a cup of thyme. Wrap a black string around the box several times and tie it off. Keep the box somewhere safe until the banishment spell manifests. No one likes to be the other woman, and if you really love this man, that means this other woman has to go. Banishment spells can be done correctly without backfire, if the relationship between you and the man is meant to be!


And no matter the situation…

Another important note…my friend specifically took note that we “wore the same perfume” in her long list of rants as to why men would choose me over her when we are the same…I had to advise her right away that this statement wasn’t true. While, yes, we both own some normal perfumes…I do not only wear normal perfume. I wear love spell pheromones and love spell potions (effectively love spell perfumes). Love spell perfumes make things WAY EASIER. While you can make one yourself, it will never be as effective as going to a specialist (just like if you need a tooth cleaning you go to a dental hygienist, if you need a cavity filling you get the dentist…and if you need a really bad extraction, you might go to a special dental surgeon). In this case, that specialist would be a love potion, perfume or lotion specialist. Be careful as there are a lot of scams out there, however, one of the best ones and one that I really recommend is Siren Myst from

Although they are a little on the expensive side, they are the most effective love spell perfume (or potion, it just isn’t a consumable, as many potions are not consumable). A few sprays of Venitie’s Siren Myst and the men come crawling and falling all over themselves for you. I got her a bottle as a gift to help her, along with a cauldron so she could burn some love incense too around the house. That’s one of the easiest ways for someone who doesn’t know how to do magick to do a love spell that will actually work and bring the person back…incense and love perfume work more influential energy than people realize and can be really powerful when done correctly.

With effort and care, you will have your man in no time! Comment if you have a question or need help!

~*Moonbeam Starchild*~

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How to Tell if You Are Being Haunted by a Ghost or a Demon

Ghost or Demon? How can you tell? It’s really hard sometimes because some demons do not instantly manifest in a malicious nature right away. Sometimes, they are merely curious. Other times they are simply passing through. But in some rare, unfortunate cases, they are “stalking their prey.” It can be very hard to tell if a ghost is a demon just playing with you to lower your guard and defenses. Here are some ways to tell if an entity or spirit or haunting is a ghost or a demon…


Method #1 Communication Manifestations

Identify a communication point…be it EVP (electronic voice phenomena), a ouija board, automatic writing, or even a magic 8 ball…anything that is receiving interaction from the entity in question. Even a psychic or medium will work. Cast a magick circle bringing your communication point into the circle with you. Invite friendly forces and energies access to your circle. Use the communication point within the circle. If you still receive communication it does not necessarily mean it is not a demon, but it rules out weaker demons. Cast your circle a couple more times, making it a triple cast circle and try the communication point again. If you are no longer getting communication, it was a stronger demon, and that is not good.

Method #2 Fruit Spoiling

Demons can spoil fruit, as it possesses powerful life-sustaining energy…and demons are attracted to LIFEFORCE and suck it dry of everything it is worth! Placing a bowl full of freshly cut fruit out and observing how quickly it decays will help rule out a demon. If a demon is present, the fruit will decay nearly 4-5 times as fast as usual. Ghosts are not interested in sucking lifeforce out of any person nor fruit.


Method #3 Mirror Method

The myth and fable of “Bloody Mary” partly originated from the ability of an evil spirit, or a demon, to access the real world by crossing through a mirror. The demon requires a willing participant staring into the mirror to cross through into our world and will usually take possession of the participant. A mirror, however, can still be used to determine if evils is haunting you or an area. Enter a dark room, such as a bathroom, close out all the lights. You must be alone. Star into the mirror until your eyes adjust, close enough to stare into your own eyes. Ask your own reflection if any evil spirits or demons are present and if so to make themselves known. This does not invite them to take possession of you or enter your world, it only forces them to make an energy wave…one which you will feel in the gut of your soul if it is a demon.

What to do if you are being haunted or harassed by a Demon

Seek help for cleansing and banishing the demon ASAP. You cannot usually battle a demon yourself and I do not mean that as an insult, I mean literally your energy will not be strong enough to battle a demon yourself as you will have your energy constantly siphoned from the demon, lowering the strength and potency present within the aura, making your spell weaker. It must be someone else who gets rid of the demon. Experienced spell casters and covens will agree.


What not to do if you are being possessed, someone you know is being possessed or there is a demon haunting your home or residence

Do not try to take on the demon by yourself. Demons feed off life force and if you do not know what you are doing, you will only make it stronger. It will feed off of your attempts to destroy it and curve you a fate worse than if you would have just left it alone. Demons can rampage through marriages, relationships, health, luck, careers and leave all sorts of carnage. Getting help immediately is priority #1.

~*Moonbeam Starchild*~

Stephen King’s Rose Red

Psychics, Automatic Writing, Pre-Cogs and Post-Cognates, Rose Red has it all!


I saw a rerun a few hours ago of Rose Red by Stephen King. I read the book a long time ago, and saw the movie like 10 years ago. It was so awesome and it reminds me of thanksgiving time at my mom’s house (LOL). The movie is based upon a real haunted house called the Thornewood Castle and it is kind of close to Seattle (where the movie is based)…it’s in Washington state…in a charming town called Lakewood. Although it was the actual place the movie was shot…and considered a legitimate haunted location, the book was kind of loosely based upon Winchester Mansion (not the same thing as the Thornewood Castle). I just really like the movie, because it’s about non-believers getting SHOWN! HARD! I’m talking, every single person who goes into that house gets totally owned and realizes that the paranormal exists.

Professor Joyce Reardon is right in the movie. Just because we cannot see or feel something does not mean it doesn’t exist. There is the world we can see and touch, and then there is a world underneath that world, that is thick like blood, and viscous and full of life…even though we cannot see it every day. Great movie, I strongly recommend it to anyone who liked the Craft.

If you are looking for movies like “the Craft” with Robin Tunney, try out Stephen King’s “Rose Red.” Although while it is a gem it is admittedly harder to find. Still worth the scavenger hunt!

~*Moonbeam Starchild*~

Casting a Beauty Spell Using a Mirror

Lots of people want to be able to use a mirror to cast a beauty spell because it is easy to find a mirror. Most people can get to a mirror within 5 minutes at nearly any time. Nowadays, you can even turn your smart phone into a mirror. That said, you can cast a really easy beauty spell chant yourself without having to cast a magick circle…as long as you have a mirror. The mirror is all you need, and privacy. If you are interrupted, you will have to restart, because everything will be ruined. This spell builds its power based upon repetition. So you want to build the power up. The more times you chant it in one sitting, the faster the spell will work and more beautiful it will make you. Please note that this is an actual wicca beauty spell chant, not just a glamour spell. Glam spells only make people think you are beautiful, and mask the real looks. Beauty spells are actual beauty enhancements.


So, to do this spell find a mirror that you can access in privacy. You need at least 5 minutes. Trust me, it’s harder to chant for 5 minutes straight than you realize. If you can muster to do it for 20 minutes, or 30 minutes a day, you’d be REALLY rolling in the beauty energy! However, 5 minutes a day would be sufficient to begin seeing results pretty quickly.

As you stare deeply into the center of your eyes, chant the following incantation at least 3 times, but as MANY TIMES as you can handle:

“I gaze beyond the mirror and see a little clearer,

A beauty that can captivate and regulate the attention of the sphere.

With pinhole songs, and slender thins, I weave a beauty out from within.”

That is the entire incantation. You just chant it as many times as you can and the beauty spell will fold potency (which means get more powerful and amplify in strength). Enjoy!

~*Moonbeam Starchild*~

Strong Fertility Spell


Cast a Strong Fertility Spell so that you and your lover can have a baby!! 😀 To start, you will need 2 orange peels – the whole peels, but not the fruit part of the orange, you can throw the fruit part out. You need a purple candle and a white candle. You will also need a large bowl, some distilled water (has to be distilled, it’s cheap from any grocery store or walmart), a carnation (the flower), and you need a photo of the mommy to be and the daddy to be.

Preparation: You put the photos into the bowl. You put the orange peels into the bowl.

Begin the Spell: You now light the white candle and say…

“With Wiccan Might I Give The Watchtowers This Offering of Fresh Orange Peel and I Ask That You Call Upon the Spirits of Fertility and Bless Us With This Child.”

Now it is time to light the purple candle and say…

“For With Fruits You Bear from Trees, I Ask You Bear A Child To Me!”

Now You place the Carnation into the bowl. And you then Fill the bowl with the distilled water, letting the ingredients float and slowly disintegrate in the bowl.

State the following little chant three times:

“With the Power of Wicca and the Spirits of Fertility, I Will It Into Existence.”

And then State the following one time: “So Mote it Be!!”

That is the end of the spell. It is going to take a while for the ingredients to dissipate into the bowl – you’ll know when it no longer looks like a flower or photos, that it is time to throw the contents out. The spell will continue to generate fertility energy for as long as the carnation still looks fresh. After it looks dithered, you can dispose of everything and recast the spell. It is suggested that you keep it recast until you get results. Soon you will be the proud mommy and daddy of a beautiful baby!


To try and pick the gender (sex) of the baby, you can include a clover for a boy, or ginger for a girl.

Happy casting !

~*Moonbeam Starchild*~