Are There Real Love Spells Online?

How to Tell if a Love Spell is Real

Love spells focus on an energy that alters the most complicated, sensitive areas of our lives. Doing the right love spell or hiring the right love spell caster is imperative in in seeing results. It is important that the spell caster can be trusted, provides full responses, and does not charge an arm and a leg. There are many signs that indicate whether a love spell caster is real or a scam. I have hired about two dozen spell casters or psychics in my time, so I will detail out the people/covens I feel are genuine and why.

Finding an Authentic Love Spell Caster

Although there may be many indicators that a spell caster or psychic is a scam, there are also many signs that support the authenticity of a spell caster. This is a list of the top spell casters online, whom I feel are legitimate and why.

Nicole from The Strawberry Path

Nicole has a money back guarantee that she says is good for an entire year. I have had a friend recommend her after getting results for a love spell in less than a week. Her testimonials are also impressive. I had heard about her before from one of my regular visitors and when my friend also recommended her, I knew she was a solid spell caster. She is both genuine and a very sweet woman who was happy to quote me for my own issues (she does more than just love spells). Bottom line, I really liked how Nicole addressed all my questions. She gets my vote of confidence anytime, and the things I’ve read about her are spectacular. You can reach Nicole at

Bethany from Legacy Love Spells

Bethany was one of the sweetest women and she works with a full coven, all her family. Her family has been practicing for generations and they have a lot of experience. The few visitors that recommended Bethany from our poll stated they got results within 1-2 weeks. She specializes in love spells but does offer a variety of services. Her website says her love spells are guaranteed for a year, however, she told me she honors her guarantee for life! She has earned my support, and an excited recommendation. You can reach Bethany at

Dana from Bequest Crystals

Dana is a fast responding, pragmatic woman who takes a very logical approach in spell casting. She uses crystals to cast instead of traditional Wicca Magick. Her approach is very natural, yet still typically powerful enough to average results in 1-3 weeks. She also provides a guarantee on all of her spellwork. She works with a complete coven and each spell receives the attention of the entire coven. Sometimes, crystal casting is exactly what a situation needs and Dana comes highly recommended! Dana can be hired through her site,

Andreika Spell Casting

Andreika has been around for a really long time. She may not be the fastest responding spell caster, or the cheapest, but her spells do work. Typical manifestation time for Andreika’s love spells runs about 2-3 months. She guarantees her work for a year, has a lot of customizable spell options, and has always responded with a kind and professional attitude. You can hire Andreika by visiting her site,

Psychic Valentina Rose

Psychic Valentina Rose is not always correct, as I did hire her for a few psychic readings. She does a reasonable job, however, and her prices are cheap. Her love spells seem to manifest after 3-4 months. As long of a wait as that may be, at least her spells manifest. Out of a sea of scams, Psychic Valentina Rose is one of the legitimate spell casters/psychics. She can be relied on, even if the spell incubation time is a little slow. You can find Valentina at

Final Tips for Hiring a Spell Caster or Psychic Online

Remember, not all spell casters and covens are made equal. In fact, there are often dramatic differences between ANY two spiritualists. The best spell caster for the job is going to be the one who makes you feel most comfortable, comes with an excellent track record or recommendation, and guarantees their work. Any authentic spell caster would have no problem guaranteeing their spellwork. Some of the spell casters on this list even guarantee their work for life!

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