Cleansing Your Home With Sage (Using A Smudge Stick)


Sage is well known and has been used for centuries, perhaps even thousands of years, in order to cleanse ritual space, a magic circle, personal aura, home or property. This practice of using Sage to cleanse the air in a certain area is known as “smudging.” It is possible to obtain a Sage smudge stick for sale online or at a local occult store…as it is as easy to make one yourself at home.

How To Make Your Own Sage Smudge Stick

Obviously Sage is required in order to make your own Sage smudge stick. However, Sage is pretty easy to find or even purchased locally from a garden center. It is best to use the entire Sage plant, including the flowers. You also need some twine or string of some kind. Harvest (collect) as much Sage and Sage flowers as necessary to make your own Sage wand (smudge stick) and tie them altogether forming a wand-shaped Sage apparatus. Allow them at least 1 week to dry out (3-4 weeks is better, but sometimes we can’t wait that long and a cleansing has to happen much faster). You can alternatively purchased dried sage online, however, it is much harder to tie into a smudge stick when it is already dried.

Performing A Home Cleanse Using Sage

In addition to meeting a Sage smudge stick, a match and ritual bowl, cauldron, or incense dish will be required. Before you begin, it is best to open all of the doors and windows in the house. This is because the negative energy will need a place to be expelled as it is dispelled; and it also helps with ventilation. In fact, it is also a great idea to turn on any ceiling fans, or oscillating fans that may be present to help further move the air within the home.

Carefully light the smudge stick. Holding the dish in one hand and Sage smudge stick in the other, proceed to walk around the entire house, kind of “waving” the Sage wand up and down as you work your way through each room. It is best to walk through each corner of the room, pausing for 2nd in each corner. Many people choose to also say a chant or a prayer of some kind (either one time in the beginning or at the end, or chanting the entire way to the cleanse).


Here is one great example of a cleanse chant (cleansing prayer)…

Before lighting the Sage say the words:

“With Sage I bless this home and property, dressing the walls, ceilings and floors with a cleanse that cannot be broken. I dispel any evil and ward off any negativity, only positivity shall exist upon this property and within these walls.”

After the Sage has been lit, chant this line in each room of the house:

“Burn strong and cleanse this home, this Sage is strong and no evil or negativity shall survive.”

After all rooms are complete, chant this final line before ending the ritual:

“With Sage I dress the air, painting the essence of cleansing and protection, now and forever.”

The ritual may be over, but the Sage is not yet done doing its job. Most people place the Sage in the dish and allow it to burn out completely in one of the centermost rooms in the house (not mandatory, only encouraged).

If a strong demon or entity is haunting a property, a more powerful cleansing or banishment spell may be required…however, this home cleansing spell is typically strong enough for any basic cleansing and can be used as a new home cleansing spell.


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