Differences Between Black Magick and Voodoo Magick


When you hear somebody reference black magick or read about it on a forum or anywhere online, people are usually talking about Wiccan-based black magick spells or potions. When you hear someone talking about voodoo they are probably talking about a practice of magick that originated in Africa (African voodoo), Haiti (Haitian voodoo), or New Orleans (New Orleans Louisiana voodoo). There is a really bad misperception when it comes to voodoo… A sort of “stigma” surrounding it, if you will. However, the truth is voodoo of any type has been grossly mis-categorized and misunderstood on a multitude of levels. In fact, most people who actively practice voodoo of any kind, originating from any location, are doing so with white and good intentions. The same cannot be said about a black magick spell, no matter whether it is Wiccan-based or not.

Black magick was first reported around the same time as the first white spells were being recorded in history. That makes a lot of sense because the study of white magick revolves around the use of good-natured intentions, and for every good-natured intention there is obviously an equally weighted evil-natured intention. Good has always existed in contrast to evil and evil has always existed in contrast to good. In other words, the true difference between black magick and voodoo magick is that they should not be compared at all… As it is much like trying to compare a tree to a mushroom… They are two totally different things.

Perhaps a better way of explaining it is to understand that black magick is a category of intention. With that said there are white intentions when it comes to casting spells and there are black intentions when it comes to casting spells. Black intentions use black magick in order to cast spells and potions which result in hexing, curses and evil-doing or negative bidding.

Voodoo on the other hand, no matter where it has originated from, is a classification of magick. Voodoo is considered a practice, a casting style, and even a religion. Thus, it should be understood that there are all types of spell casters within a certain practice. So when it comes to voodoo, there are most certainly white and good-natured voodoo queens and priestesses…as well as evil voodoo priests and casters. The same can be said about any other religion or practice when it comes to magick.

There are some things that you will find more often in one type of magick and another. Voodoo dolls are an example of a religious specific component and are usually only found in the practice of voodoo. Like voodoo, voodoo dolls share the same negative stigma; however the truth is voodoo dolls are not always evil in composition. Some voodoo dolls are used to draw wealth, luck in gambling, love, protection, and an array of other attractive energies. Admittedly though, there are voodoo dolls which are meant for evil purposes and dolls intended to curse and hex others. There are also voodoo dolls which are only intended to do physical harm to another human being. So these voodoo dolls which are meant to do harm to others would be considered the black magick of voodoo. A curse meant to bring bad luck to someone could be an example of a Wiccan black magick spell.

So just remember that not all voodoo is evil and that all religions and types of magick possess spells and casting rituals which are evil in nature.

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