Fast Working Binding Spell For Love

One of the most commonly talked about love spells is the binding love spell. This is one of the ones that you see on TV all the time… You know, the one where the character says “I bind thee” over and over again. This is probably because it’s one of the easiest love spells to cast, especially quickly. Another benefit of the binding love spell is that it can be cast nearly anywhere, anytime. Since it only requires string and a photograph or two, it is a minimalist spell and can be cast by nearly anyone… All that’s really needed is a few minutes of time. Actually, technically, this can be cast as long as the practitioner desires. For example, when I cast a binding love spell, I typically go into the thing with the intention of binding for at least 20 minutes. Much like knitting a sweater, I will even put down the binding and come back in a little while, allowing myself breaks in between the chanting. Giving yourself breaks in between a binding spell does not make it any less effective. In fact spreading out the bindings in a binding love spell can even strengthen the ritual as it will develop power over time.


To cast a binding love spell you will only need some string, I suggest white or red… Although some people use pink. You also need a photograph of you and the target individual (the person you want to bind to you). Remember that only you will be able to unbind this binding love spell… And to make it harder to do so you can even burn the binding after you are done (not required, and not suggested if you do not want the spell to be permanent). So to cast the actual binding love spell itself you take both of the photos and press them together… So that the faces of the pictures are pressed together. Now you will need to fold the photos into a neat square about the size of a business card. Alternatively, you can roll the photos so that they are the size of a pen or thick marker. After you have the photos combined, you need to begin the actual binding itself. Using the string and moving your hands in a wrapping motion where you circle the photos with the string, the string is wrapped until there is no string left. While you are wrapping with the string, you must be chanting:

“I bind us together, together through all time, together we will be, forever you are mine.”

The longer your string is, the more you will have to chant. It is advised that you do not chant too quickly nor wrap too quickly. The spell will be most effective when you are relaxed, unbothered, and when you wrap all of the string that you have cut and started in each sitting without breaking. In other words, if you have cut 10 feet worth of string you should wrap the entire 10 feet around the photos before taking a break… You do not want to take a break 5 feet into the wrap and lose any strength in your binding by leaving it open. It is also important not to cut the string after it has begun being bound around the photos (this means if you cut 10 feet worth of string you need to complete the entire 10 feet worth of wrapping and if you wish to cut more string, it must come from the spool not already attached to the photos).


After your binding is complete and you are satisfied with the wrapping, you probably won’t be able to see any part of the photos any longer. Don’t worry, the more string the better and the stronger the spell. Some people end up with huge balls of string of which other people do not realize hold a binding spell deep within the center. It is possible, as mentioned before, to burn the binding spell after it is complete. Burning a binding spell increases its power and permanency, however, the downside is it makes it harder for you to undo in the future if you change your mind about the spell.

It is very important that the person you have cast this love spell on does not find out about the binding. If the target found the love spell binding, it would render the spell worthless and also potentially cause a backfire. Keep the spellbinding safe in a place where it will not be tampered with or found. Some people will bury their loved binding spell after they see the target commit more to them, however I have always preferred the burning method. Even if burning a binding love spell makes it more permanent, I have no problem putting more effort into the undoing part (unbinding ritual). Whichever your poison remember that the consequences of a binding love spell can mean creating more attraction in the target then you may have originally planned… So be prepared for overwhelming affection and unrelenting passion. It is also possible to tone down the effects of the binding spell by reversing the wind and applying shorter strings and that will be up to you in the future.

Good luck and Blessed be! And of course, HAPPY BINDING!

*~Moonbeam Starchild~*

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