Lots of people want to be able to use a mirror to cast a beauty spell because it is easy to find a mirror. Most people can get to a mirror within 5 minutes at nearly any time. Nowadays, you can even turn your smart phone into a mirror. That said, you can cast a really easy beauty spell chant yourself without having to cast a magick circle…as long as you have a mirror. The mirror is all you need, and privacy. If you are interrupted, you will have to restart, because everything will be ruined. This spell builds its power based upon repetition. So you want to build the power up. The more times you chant it in one sitting, the faster the spell will work and more beautiful it will make you. Please note that this is an actual wicca beauty spell chant, not just a glamour spell. Glam spells only make people think you are beautiful, and mask the real looks. Beauty spells are actual beauty enhancements.


So, to do this spell find a mirror that you can access in privacy. You need at least 5 minutes. Trust me, it’s harder to chant for 5 minutes straight than you realize. If you can muster to do it for 20 minutes, or 30 minutes a day, you’d be REALLY rolling in the beauty energy! However, 5 minutes a day would be sufficient to begin seeing results pretty quickly.

As you stare deeply into the center of your eyes, chant the following incantation at least 3 times, but as MANY TIMES as you can handle:

“I gaze beyond the mirror and see a little clearer,

A beauty that can captivate and regulate the attention of the sphere.

With pinhole songs, and slender thins, I weave a beauty out from within.”

That is the entire incantation. You just chant it as many times as you can and the beauty spell will fold potency (which means get more powerful and amplify in strength). Enjoy!

~*Moonbeam Starchild*~

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