Will a Love Spell Work For Me?

Love spells have been a really common request, people want to know if I can give them any love spell chants or incantations, or any love spell potions. And the answer, by the way, is yes, I can! If you message me, or comment, I can give you a love spell or potion that will help for you, and you can do it at home, they are all easy to do. However, back to the question… “can a love spell help me fix my relationship?” Absolutely, in most cases, YES! It can! The trick in making sure a love spell is effective, is picking the correct love spell for a situation. Most people are not skilled at selecting the right love spell for a case. And since every case is different, most people fail to understand that personalizing and customizing the love spell chosen for a scenario, is still super important.

Step One — Picking the Right Love Spell for Your Relationship


There are thousands of types of love spells. The best way to figure out the right type of love spell for your relationship is to begin by asking yourself questions.

Is my relationship currently stable? If the answer is no, then you need to strengthen commitment, attraction, and address any problems in the relationship (there are herbs and chants that can be devised for all of that).

Is there a third party involved? No matter how a third party is involved, whether it is another romantic interest or a meddling family member or friend, there are a variety of ways to deck out a love spell to include the removal of third party (banishment spell) or a break up spell.

Does the other person still love me? If not, the love may need to be re-sparked. Otherwise, maybe it just needs to be strengthened.

How is the intimacy situation in my relationship? Some relationships can benefit from a massive infusion of passion. Other relationships just need a few little sparks.

How is the communication in my relationship? It can be a matter of poor communication, miscommunication or no communication, but magick and the right love spell can fix just about anything, including the communication in a relationship.

Remember: There are herbs, essential oils, fragrances, candles, other ingredients, chants and rituals for nearly every situation.

Step Two — Customizing the Love Spell


A love spell can be really dressed up! In fact, there’s no end to how customized and personalized a love spell can become. Oftentimes…a love spell will be customized with the adornment of oils, perfumes, herbs, and incense. It is also possible to do all sorts of carvings into the sides of candles, into the floor of the circle, as well as on the bodies of the spell casters. You can include poetry and custom chants, and really mix it up as much as you want. A spell recipe is merely a guideline to help a spell caster unlock power and energy within themselves, the environment and the Cosmos…thus, anything that comes natural and feels like it will increase the power of a spell, probably will!

Step Three — Repetition of Chants and/or Love Spell

Chanting and love spell casting can be as simple or complex as a spell caster desires, however, if you want to really pack some serious power into your spell, repeating it and casting it numerous times is always best. Three times is standard to get a good boost in the spell…however, you can do the spell as many times as you want. Some people prefer to cast the spell one time then back it up with a bunch of chants that are done infinitely, whenever they have time (inside or outside of the circle).

Words of Wisdom

Do what feels right. My advice is never to stop if you feel like it isn’t enough. Do not settle. Do not get lazy when it comes to love spells. Love is a serious life stone, you want love to be correct, and cannot afford to go light when it comes to “being with someone for the rest of your life” – it is worth it to put a little care into it, and spend a little time doing a better spell than a simpler one. Do not give up, a relationship worth casting a love spell for, is a relationship worth fixing…and therefore, a relationship worth fixing, is worth casting a love spell for! The right love spell can fix your relationship.


In short, my advice is: when it comes to your love life and relationship, never short change yourself, do it all the right way and do not cut any corners.

~*Moonbeam Starchild*~

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