Are Love Spells Real?


The Wiccan love spell has been around for a long time and is a staple in spell casting and the Wiccan religion. However, it is still rarely performed mostly due to skepticism. The world as we know it frowns upon spell casting and the Wiccan religion. Why? Mostly because people are scared of what they do not understand. Most people respond negatively to thinks they do not understand, or things which create fear. They most certainly approach with greater caution. And while they may choose to spend this energy in judgment, and tell us that our love spells do not work, the truth is, we must be more enlightened than that, and able to say “this is just a skeptic, who doesn’t understand spell casting.” Ultimately when you break it down, it’s no different than you or I, being nervous or scared by something we do not understand.

That said, to any of the skeptics out there reading my blog right now, yes, love spells are real. : ) I have done them myself, many times. My mother has done them and I’ve seen them work. I’ve seen mine work. My friends have done them and their love spells have worked too. I will admit though, that not all love spells work. I have had some of mine fail. Some of my mother’s have failed…some of my friends’ love spells have failed as well. Truthfully, sometimes it just takes repetition and repeating the spell until it does work. Other times it is a matter of what we call “base potency” which means, the spell ingredients and base incantations are not strong enough. This would mean no matter how many times it was repeated, it would never work. Some people are also immune to spell casting. It’s possible, and I’ve seen that too. But I know love spells are real, and just as real as a therapist is, casting a love spell is just another route to try and resolve one’s love life or a relationship. One of the best parts about love spells is that there are so many different types. There is such a diverse amount of love spells out there, of all types of religions (Wicca, Druid, other Irish love spells, Voodoo, Traditional Pagan, and a variety of other magick types), and of all types of strengths and focuses. In other words: there is a love spell for nearly any situation that exists and for nearly any scenario. They can even be customized to further meet more specific needs. Some people just end up thinking love spells are not real because they end up hiring some scam love spell caster, or they do a weak love spell themselves on someone who needs a stronger spell.


If you saw a thousand boxes and reached into one and found nothing, would you automatically assume there was nothing in the 999 other boxes?

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