Last night a Succubus visited my friend in his sleep. He claims that in the middle of the night he woke up with sleep paralysis (felt like the devil was on his chest, and he couldn’t move or scream or anything but he was wide awake). The succubus wasn’t friendly and while, nude and attractive, was sucking some sort of lifeforce from him. Finally after over an hour of paralysis, he was able to move again.


He thinks this was a succubus because it was sexual in nature. Personally I do not think that this was a Succubus. I think it was definitely a demon. Which is not good. I offered to cleanse his house but he looked a little weirded out. He felt comfortable enough telling me about the “Succubus” in his house to begin with, but then didn’t feel comfortable letting me help him?! Oh well, people have their comfort zones I guess. And that must just have been overstepping his comfort boundary.

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