I used the last full moon to strengthen a money potion I had brewed, placing it under the moonlight and doing a brief chant. My mom gave me the chant and it works really well. The chant goes like this…

“In the middle of the moon there is a powerful strength.”

“May this full moon charge this potion at great length.”

“Give us energy from the light you provide, O’ Moon,”

“Give us great strength and power, please and soon!”

“I charge this potion with the power of this Moon,”

“And I command this spell to work in full bloom!”

The spell is simple, and has a modern-Irish root (she is part Irish so that makes sense). That mentioned, this little chant works for any potion, any potion at all. It also works for perfume spells and lotion spells. Placing a spell perfume in the moonlight and saying this chant will work just like a normal potion. The power of a full moon in spell casting should never be underestimated.

*~Moonbeam Starchild~*

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