My employer found out the other day that I am a Wiccan and because of that, I basically got fired. I know this is discrimination and I am truly infuriated about it, however, I have been trying to put all this energy and time into looking for another job. The truth is, I don’t have the resources to press charges, and I wouldn’t really want to spend what little time I have on Earth in court battling over some hater. I would rather just put my time into bettering myself, and finding employment that embraces my uniqueness, or even applauds it. I know that there are places like that out there. I don’t want any problems, so I’m not going to name the place that fired me, but let’s just say it’s a well-known Christian-supporting establishment. I didn’t think it was a big deal, but apparently, they do. That manager is not going to make it very far in life firing people because they are Wiccans. That’s such a waste of time. Now she has to rehire someone. That’s a pain. I was a great employee, I showed up on time, I completed my shifts in full, never missing a beat or calling out. I cleaned everything and always found something to do. I was so cheerful! For goodness sake, I said “Thank you for the opportunity” when I was fired!

Anyway, this led me to my latest venture tonight, making my own money and wealth / career oriented potion. I want basically a really powerful success potion. So I did some scrubbing through my spell books, pulled out my great, great grandmother’s old spellbook and found what I can only describe as a totally ancient career spell! It was cited in her book as being first used in our family to get a job as a “daguerreotypist” …which was basically early photography. It seems the position was heavily vied for in the 1800s….and it worked! She got her husband a job as one of the country’s first daguerreotypists! Anyway, it uses a few ingredients I had to order custom, and it tasted absolutely pungent, but I am hoping to see my dream job fall into my lap here within the upcoming weeks. If necessary, I guess I will brew another batch, and maybe even another after that. I am dedicated, and when I am hired, I am a dedicated employee. I know the cosmos will see me…and I know everything happens for a reason…so…let the will of the Universe unfold as it will…and let my success potion materialize as quickly as spiritually possible!


After all, while we all may have fates and destinies, and great things we are destined to do if our optimum life trajectory turns out correctly, we still have control over our futures and the ability to better ourselves. We still have the ability to CHOOSE to better the future and to SEIZE CONTROL and MAXIMIZE our self-worth!


Blessed Be and to all a great night!

*~Moonbeam Starchild~*

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