My sister is not like me, and doesn’t do spells or anything like that. Sometimes, I think she believes deep down, and asks me about how magick could help her life or her situation she is currently in. Recently I found out she was talking to a psychic online. While I will not name names, it turns out that this psychic was a total scammer and about to take her for a while ride that would have left her bank account empty. So the question she asked was “Are love spell casters online a scam?” and “Is there anyone who can cast a real love spell for someone else on their behalf who isn’t a scam?”


Yes, there are real spell casters, there are real love spell casters too. While she can cast a love spell herself, admittedly her being an amateur will create only a weak spell, if that. It is certainly not going to be as powerful as a skilled and experienced caster…so I would never discourage her from looking at her options. But it got me thinking…there are some rules to follow when trying to hire someone to do a love spell. One of those rules is going to be not sending money to Nigeria, or with western union or money gram to basically anyone. That’s like a super scam. Everyone knows not to send money by western union. To my surprise, she was about to do it though…so I guess, maybe that isn’t as well known a fact as I thought myself. Another good rule is to never hire someone who doesn’t ask you for information about your case. If they just want to give you a price, take your money and have you go away, they are a scam. Spell casting takes personalization. It takes getting to know a situation and even sometimes running a few charts or cards or something like this, to indicate if a spell can even help. Sometimes, skilled and experienced covens can determine if help can be rendered or not before they even take the case. If a “psychic” is pressuring you, like the one that was talking to my sister, trying to harass her to get her to pay, almost threatening her, it is a sign they are in it only for the money. Using your gut instinct will help you determine if someone is genuinely caring or not.


The most important piece of advice I can offer when buying a love spell online, is to get a few different quotes. Going with just one option is silly. Mostly, this isn’t because of the price. The price may matter to you right now, but ultimately you want to pay only one price: the price it costs to get the results you want. You don’t want to pay the cheapest cost, then the second cheapest cost after the first spell fails, then the third cost after the second cost fails, and so forth – you will end up spending way more this way. Instead, get a full spectrum of quotes and choose your spell caster or coven based upon the quality of their response.

Ultimately, the person who sounds like they care the most usually does. And the person who cares the most in their response, is likely to care the most in their casting of the spell and will be able to get results much faster than the practitioners who are quick to quote and pressure and never answer your questions. Personally, I’ve had great success using Priestess Sydney Violet. She’s always so helpful and her spells are so powerful!

That’s all I have to say about that. I do not discourage paying money for spells. I do not see anything wrong with a skilled practitioner charging for their service…we see that all the time with psychics offering psychic readings and it is commonly accepted practice…why not with spell casting? It’s perfectly possible to help someone remotely over the internet, and it’s becoming more commonplace every day. Still, there are other options as well, potions, love perfumes, and all sorts of solutions, so remember to include these options in your search as well!

Peace and Love and Spiritual Unity Forever!

*~MoonBeam Starchild~*

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